Wu Kong needs a new haircut (NERF WK?)

Many of those heroes have similar abilities, AND, all of those who provide an attack buff can be (poorly) simulated via a Bear Banner. WK is unique in his ability, which really sets him apart from that group. His effect is also significant, at least based upon both what I’ve read here on the forum and in my personal experience.

That is one option. There are a lot of options. They could buff other heroes against titans. They could make more synergistic abilities (multiple stacking buffs other than just WK)… there are oodles of possible ways to address. I like considering them, and that’s a big part of why i would like to see WK addressed.

Maybe it isn’t an issue at all haha. For me, from a game design perspective, I don’t like the existence of WK. not without other potential ways to achieve the same result (kickass Titan scores)

But she’s going to increase your trophy count.

All this talk for a hero that everyone can have…
He is the best but then what? If he is so powerful you should ask to have items that buff attack but unstackable with Gambler’s Stance (balance & tradeoff), not to make heroes suboptimal.

Nerf Wu, then Grimm, Tiburtus and Gormek, followed by Boldtusk and Kiril, remove banners, fight titans with Bane and Tudans…

If a hero that everyone can have gives so much problems what can we say about Athena and (soon) Gregorian?

I think you are missing the Point. Do you use wu Kong on all Titans? Probably. Do you use as example Boldtusk on all Titans? Probably Not.

A alternative would be good.


I have to be honest Duaneski, I don’t really care for nerfs in general, and since I have Wu Kong on both accounts I play, I have a vested interest. Concerning your assertion that Wu is vital to high titan scoring, I can’t imagine playing my account, attacking a titan, and leaving Wu on the bench…regardless of the strength or type of titan I’m facing. He’s also a superior member of most, if not all, of my offensive raid teams. However, as previously noted by many, he’s not so hot on defense (any type).
When I started reading this thread concerning a need to nerf Wu, I was definitely in the ‘no way’ camp. But after reading the OP’s case and considering my own experience, I can see the argument D is making. This is not to say I want a ‘nerf’ for Wu, that would suck, but perhaps some sort of adjustment could, and possibly should, be made. That’s where I am at. Have a pleasant day/night all!!


The real problem the OP has seems to be that there is no way to duplicate Wu’s effects. Similar heroes or maybe a new battle item with a similar effect like a new type of banner would seem better options than a nerfing to me.


That’s an interesting point - a new Monkey Banner that gives a similar, lesser, affect. So the Wu Kong have nots can synthesise the affect through grinding or spending.

And it wouldn’t affect raids.

I think that’s going to be the simplest answer with the fewest headaches and hate mail for the Devs!

What do you think @Duaneski?



Season 2 would be an ideal time to introduce new battle items that cover the category of Gamblers Stance. Similar to how Brienne can be replaced with a banner, so can Wu. He’ll still be staple in many comps, but can be dropped in favor of new ones. Include a new 4* or two with similar effects and you have a whole new range of team combinations that cover the needed buffs without Wu.

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Hm, Guin was the wrong example. Let me rephrase that: I think it’s wrong to create a quest solely for Wu Kong, just because he’s such a game changer offensively. I would much rather see character specific quest chains as a whole, if that were the case. Maybe as an expansion on the regular story, where you can recruit some useful (all?) Heroes. Maybe even with super rare five star quests? I dunno, just musing here.

In the same vein, you’ve got a somewhat similar problem with the Guardians of Teltoc. If I combine Wu Kong with Guardian Jackal’s Ray Strike on a purple Titan … well, let’s just say it hits hard. What about those Heroes?

More Heroes with a effect similar to Wu Kong’s could work, but then you’d just have carbon copies of heroes which only slightly differ in their stats: a tanky Wu Kong and a squishy Wizard Wu Kong, for instance. Just look at Gormek / Tiburtus / Grimm.

Aside from more Heroes with more unique skills, you could adopt a slot-based system. In that, a Heroes would have a certain amount of slots and each slot can be used to equip an additional effect in order to enhance their base skill, or to adjust their stats. It would give the Heroes more diversity. As an example: Ramming Pulverizer would be the base skill and it deals 295% damage when maxed. You could equip the ‘-X% defense’ skill on it to get the current Tiburtus. If you get a Tiburtus with two slots, you could equip ‘-X% attack’ for two debuffs. Or add Obakan’s counter. Or simply permanently increase his attack/defense/HP by X%.

It would create a more complex game, but also give you the space to really create your own team and to create multiple Wu Kong-like Heroes.

I do, because the +48% attack stacks very nicely with Wu Kongs +185% attack, which in turn stack multiplicatively with the attack bonus from the troops.

Kiril is better for Red Titans… There are alternatives for mostly all Heroes, but not for Wu Kong.

This would likely have the opposite effect and make Wu Kong completely obsolete. It’s not Wu’s atk/def/hp that has people using him. Giving even a lesser alternate option in item form, in which case they can replace Wu with someone like Joon or many others, does not seem like a win.

I think it would be a balance or power and cost for the item. We have items for healing and attack buffs yet Boldtusk is still one of the most popular 4* heroes.

There are many threads that show that Wu is irreplaceable and it’s potentially an advantage unlike any other character on titans.


Early game you have heroes that can very easily be gotten that up the Titan damage a HUGE bit.

Then you progress and those heroes are too weak, in comes Wu, BT etc.

Then these become to weak … in comes the 5s … it is only Wu that doesnt have a 5 equavalent and to be honest he doesnt need one. Although very weak as a 4* amongst 5* heroes and up against 10* and above Titans, he does okay.

So nerf him? No if you do that you might as well nerf every single hero that assists with high Titan damage.

Personally I had huge scores where he was dead before even firing his special, meaning it was a risk taking him due to his low damage resistance.

When he does fire you are also not guarenteed a huge score automatically. You still need a favorable board etc etc.

Wu is good, yes. So is Athena, Isarnia, Arthur, etc.


Have you seen or know what Brienne can do?

If she wasnt as weak as she is and had 4* stats, she would be above Wu in my books. There is a reason she stays a 3*, she is very strong against Titans and I will bet that given enough runs against a low Titan, the average scores using her will be much higher than Wu.

Thats if you know how to use her offcourse.

I agree that WK needs a nerf.

So far, the best idea I have seen is to make his buff not stack with other damage buffs. However, Titans HP would have to be re-scaled as well as the overall damage done will be significantly lower.

I wouldn’t count on titan HP rescaling. If anything SG is playing with ideas to make titans even harder: rare titans, higher lvl titans.

They won’t nerf Wu either.

If the devs are only a wee bit smart, they’ll introduce a 5 star hero that has Wu’s special, and give him to players as a reward for finishing season 2.

Think it through, it makes sense. Sometimes you have to throw a bone to get the dining started.

SG should gift Wu Kong 2.0 to complainers and then increase his miss chance by 2% for each Wu Kong’s complain in this forum.


WK is high risk, high rewards. He’s balanced.


Balance depends on the perspective of the beholder. He is balanced in these cases:

  • when you use him against the titan
  • when you use him in your raid/AW defense/attack

He is imbalanced in these cases:

  • when you can’t use him against the titan and others can
  • when he is used against you in raid/AW defense/attack

Oh, the irony. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile my raiding success has improved considerably after replacing Wu with a 5 star hero. Must say I’m really not missing the miss streaks and missed specials because of his “OP” buff. Raiding with reliable hits actually works surprisingly well. Who’d have guessed? :wink:

I’m still a Wu fan for titans though. I wish everyone their Wu.

LMAO. Hello Wu Kong 2.0 with a 100% miss chance. Your special skill has now be renamed: Envy’s stance.


Point of clarity:

I’m not complaining about WK. I love WK. I basically did backflips when I got him!

I do think it’s possible he could limit the game designers and game balance, and I thought it would be a worthwhile discussion.

Im certainly not convinced he needs a nerf, but I think the argument can be made :slight_smile:

While this could be true for your posts I see a lot of complaints that doesn’t add nothing if not that they are upset to not have said hero: they only see the big number pop on titan’s damage chat and under a “righteous indignation” comes forth to post on the forum, without thinking that while Gambler’s Stance undoubtedly increase the average damage it also lead to heavier item consumption to increase heroes lifespan.

In fact a power that let you miss the weak spot is dangerous and paired with a rare titan’s reflective color is killer.


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