Wu Kong missing more frequently after v. 20 update

I’ve only playing for a few months and got Wu almost from the start. I was so happy because now I was finally able to finish levels I wasn’t able to before. Even with Wu I was barely able to squeeze in a win in season 2 easy. After the update I noticed a lot more misses so I replayed previously finished levels and I couldn’t get through them again.

Every time I set off his special I would say, get ready for the misses parade, cause it was terrible. Just from a small sample of about 2 hrs worth of play I counted he misses 2 out of 3 times and his allies hit about 2 out of 3. I also got my highest Titan hit after the update, sad thing is that I now have twice as many terrible scores. Due to a lack of good heroes I play him every time, not leisurely like some here so I’ll notice things those ppl are clueless to. The update did do something to Wu, it wasn’t good.

I have maxed Wu for almost a year now but latelly he seems just not that efficient as before … maybe this is another conspiracy theory but next month some Wu 2.0 is comming as the hero of the month :slight_smile:

Next update will be even worse…i hope they can fix this ongoing problem sooner than later


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