Wu Kong missing more frequently after v. 20 update

From what I am reading in the achieves from last year, this isn’t a new theme with him, but does anyone else feel like Wu Kong is missing more than the 32% of the time–I feel like he only hits about 32% of time now. I have played him consistantly for months and no problems. After update, I swear something happened. At first, I thought just bad luck. And then, after multiple misses in multiple arenas, I thought maybe he just got nerfed–kind of drastic nerf, but no big deal if so, cause many of my alternative heros just got buffed, but that’s not the case apparently. Hope someone looks into this…sucks to put him on sidelines after half a year in both my defense and offense.


Best thing to do is to start keeping track of the hits and misses if you believe a bug may have crept in. It’s way too easy to have a subjective sense of something either being good or bad which doesn’t actually match the stats.

For example, many gamblers self-report significantly higher winning percentages than they actually have based on collected data.

I only use Wu for red titans, so my sample size isn’t great. But Ihaven’t noticed any problems with my miss rate. It’s exactly as annoying as it always was.


I’m a crotchety grump when it comes bug posts - but started tracking as of yesterday - he feels off… like sleeping off a bender kind of off.

Sample size is too small atm

Who shocked the monkey?

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Im sure I saw a similar claim after the last big update… soon Wu will ensure that nothing ever hits at all! :scream: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


OMG! My wu is broken! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve never bean more sure of anything in my life :laughing:


Well when he misses it is really frustrating. I had a 8k hit on a 10* titan and another 91k on the hit after that yesterday.

When he misses, its extremely frustrating when you see a nice cascade missing. But when he hits, it puts a smile on your face.


Every single update someone says this…every one. Then there is the “They changed the raiding!!” ones where once they updated they lost 10 in a row.


Interesting…I have also lost in a ton of raids after update. Went from 2200ish trophies to 1700 in a day. But that I did just chalk up to bad luck.

Like I said, I wasn’t making assumptions about anything. I came to here to see what if anything happened. Fine if I have to start using another yellow instead. Just always loved Wu and was curious if others had same issue.

I think you are getting pulled in by the nature of randomness. We tend to focus on streaks and bad things. After v20 I got my best Titan score with Wu.

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I think he hits the same - just seems a bit more streaky; but can’t chalk that up to anything but my piece of the random money king energy (Wu) we all tap into.

I’m in the valley of him missing 8 specials in a row … so he’s lucky we don’t have trading, other wise I’d be running a special on monkey paws :slight_smile:


So your log is showing the expected 68% hit rate?

Data sample is to small, what stands out is the chains of missed specials and long streaks of misses.

Think he’s just being Wu

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Sounds about right :man_shrugging:

What sucks is that he’ll miss more after V21 update too


I can’t wait for V45 when he misses 100%…

This is nothing but confirmation bias. It’s RNG and if you think he misses more, you’ll only see him miss…


@Rigs, you’re awesome my friend! This was the laugh I needed this morning!


Okay, I have played him consistantly for at least 2 or 3 updates now, and this is the first time I’ve noticed anything. I am not someone who cares about buffs, nerfs, etc.–whatever, balance the game, fine, I have other heroes if negatively affects me. I just was just inquiring about something I have noticed recently, because I hadn’t seen where any changes had been made on him. After reading everyone’s replies, I guess just bad luck.



Sorry if it came across as disrespectful in any way

It’s just most of us see the same complaint/question/inquiry/observation after pretty much every update big and small, if you search for wu kong in the forum search bar, our replies will make a lot of sense and you will see we meant no harm


Ive noticed him missing alot more as well, normally i woould hit for 35k to 40k at least 1 of my 3 attacks with him in my line up…on a good day all 3. Now all i see are misses and more misses and i walk away with 18k to 20k. Ive swapped him out

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