Wu Kong misses a lot more since a patch couple of weeks ago

Does streak frequency/length matter? Even if streaks were coded into the RNG either intentionally or unintentionally, you would still be about twice as likely to get a good streak (i.e. every tile hits) than a bad streak (i.e. every tile misses) to maintain the 32% average miss rate. For titans, I’d even argue that streaks would be a good thing as it would increase the chances of a GS-infused vertical 3 entirely hitting the weak point for a stun.


But the “good streaks” are not remembered as such, mine for instance are insane skill and superb critical insight… while the “bad streaks” are a ploy by the developers to pry money from my account.

I took Wu out of my titan teams for 10 hits or so… the first hit had damage that was higher than my previous averages… but my damages went way downhill from there.

@FunkyknightHay people like you keep saying you can’t speak to the math and then say that your hunches and guesses and stuff are evidence enough.

This is nothing like a trial because there’s nothing nebulous you have to make a judgment call on. The burden of proof here is real numbers and math, so I encourage you to get to it. It’s not SG’s job to investigate imaginary problems.

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And for the record, if you go back through every single post, you’ll see that not a single person has recorded videos, collected data and analyzed it regarding the streakiness claim yet. That’s what I’m encouraging you folks to do, rather than relying on your gut feeling.

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And just who appointed you judge and vested you with the power to decide what makes an allegation adequately sufficient to merit SG’s review and response?

He’s pointing out that if you aren’t prepared to actually make an effort to prove or disprove whether there is an issue, the odds of any potential problems being acted on are less.


Anyone can record the hit and miss while using Wu on 50 or even 100 runs- adding every time his special is used and every hit & miss counted for. I’ve been collecting my own data I’m level 43 in the game and so far for me - my data shows his miss rate is a lot more than 32%. For me it’s showing 51% for tile miss and 78% for specials miss testing on 5-8. Again this is my data for me so far on 147 runs. Someone else’s data and level in the game could be a lot less or more. Depending on how it’s programmed for each leveled person in the game which definitely part of the factor. I would suggest you record your own data to determine for yourself. Good Luck


The simple fact that I ran 50 times x10 hits on a spreadsheet with 32% miss chance and not a single time the Random Number Generator produced 3 misses in a row and ony 10 times it missed twice in a row, compared to the actual game, where you miss 3x very, very ofter, talks much for the actual implementation problems we have in the game :wink:

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I know this post is older but with the new heroes out, such as Tarlak and then next month HOTM, I think it begs to reason that Wu would get nerfed in an effort to drive people to spend to get the newer better heroes that give big attack increases. I’ve stopped using Wu on my Titan hits because the miss rate is so absurdly high.

Did the accuracy debuff go from -35 to -32? It should be better now :confused:

As far as I know it’s always been a 1/3 chance to miss on the card.

Thank you for using actual stats - rather than intuition/feelings!

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Glad I read this. I just pulled wu a couple weeks ago and was getting very frustrated with the lack of hits. Wasn’t that huge of an ordeal as he wasn’t one that I was gunning for as it were but had heard really good things about him. I think I’ll continue levelling him.

I have also seen an abundance of misses with Wu. It is definitely more than the advertised buff. I’m also surprised that this has been brought up multiple times over a year and nothing has changed, just shows how much they feel about our feedback!

It’s because no proof has been offered beyond anecdotal evidence.

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that’s funny. i would have loved to have proof that wu is messed up, but seeing as how quickly i was beaten after the opposing team fired his skill &then had no misses (but when i use him i cant hit the broad side of a barn with a tile or a skill)… well, sorry bud. 4 one-shot, no misses later &no photo ops…

but this is all old stuff right? hasnt anyone noticed a major imbalance lately? the wars are the worst. an enemy team will use wu&miss maybe 1 out of 5 times…i use him&miss 5skills&a few dozen tiles&then im dead. hardly time to pause for pics while the opposition is decimating your heroes-but if any1 has new info I’d love to hear/see it…

True i think in new update some kind of bug wukong debuff is actully missing about 30%-40%

Lol, seeing as he misses 32% of the time I’d say you’re 100% correct that he misses 30-40% of the time!


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