Wu Kong misses a lot more since a patch couple of weeks ago

I’ve noticed that Wu Kong’s debuff is actually missing way more than 35% of the time. I’ve measured this during 10 games and the miss chance was around 50% - 55%

Is this a bug?


10 games is a very small sample size - it’s likely what you’re measuring is just noise. Plus hero nerfs are usually specified in the release notes, and no Wu nerf was noted.

But mistakes do sometimes happen. Perhaps other players have had the same experience as you and want to collect a decent volume of data?


Something wrong happened to Wu Kong fo sure. I recently stopped using him. He always had guaranteed place in my team. He got blind :confused:


Yeah my thought exactly. His performance is horrible now.


Have not measured, but also not using him so much now, as performance is not good

How do you acually count his hits? Make a video and watch later on carefully? Because in the fight I hardly have time enough to watch.

Btw. I had the same feeling about WU

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As I just wrote in a thread in the General Discussion forum I’m also sure that the misses have clearly increased. And it’s not just the optical thing. I have more problems in raids than I had before. The miss rate seem’s to be in the range of at least 50 %.


How would you collect Wu data? Someone was suggesting video in the other thread…

Most likely this is related to the visual bug we fixed (the game didn’t display all “miss” texts):


Nope, it’s much less damage dealed now than before. His power is gone :confused:

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Give me a date (or anyone), I will pull Departed’s titan stats before and after and see if there’s a measurable difference. Safe to say virtually everyone is using Wu, and aggregating over the alliance should be reasonable… only problem is time of spawn does affect our time to kill somewhat but we’ve been fairly consistent as we are pretty geographically dispersed between US / Europe.

I don’t think there is but I have the data and it’s a quick query to write and then execute.

I would suggest either 1.10 or 1.11 release if we’re picking ones out of the wind.

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I’ve noticed it too, the percentage of missing is not 32% but much much more.

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Sorry to be the contrarian but I haven’t noticed any difference in Wu’ s performance…Sometimes he hits alot, sometimes he doesnt. I still have those raids that you get every once in a while where his special is fired early, a chain develops and wipes half (at least) the heroes from the board…I don’t see why a nerf would be done in secret…But my experience could be atypical.

5 weeks ago (roughly) was the 1.10 patch; so going to use that as the breakpoint for stats (2/21/18) rather than 1.11 which just posted 8 days ago.

Month preceding 1.10 release date:

Month after 1.10 release date:

If Wu were substantially changed, given that I believe all of Departed uses Wu on titans, it should show up here; it’s not 100% accurate but when we have decreases in average time to kill across the board, it doesn’t seem like we took a Wu nerf. Some variation in members but if we were losing 30% of our damage or whatever, that would be a much bigger hit than any we gained from that.


I concur - and don’t think we need a lot of numbers for everything. Players most of the times have a “feel” of what’s changed from before. And sure enough, I can safely say that Wu Kong is going through a lean patch. Whether it’s intentional or a simple coding error remains to be seen.

Revelate - thank you for the numbers. Not sure if one needs to take into account the relative player strength over a period of a month, average number of hits delivered and in general an influx of newer, stronger members.

We haven’t had that much turnover and some of it (uclapack and dator went back to CP) were at the high end for us, and the distribution of newcomers is pretty evenly split between high / middle / low as of our current metrics.

Some of it is explainable: Arthur being leveled to usefulness potentially, and some was team setup changes, but if it were a coding error that we were suddenly getting 30% less hits or whatever under Wu, it would’ve shown up here almost assuredly.


Hmm, for me personally, and with some members within the alliance, we have been having this strange recurring theme - use a debuffer, an attack buffer and Wu Kong, and sure enough the numbers have been substantially lower than prepatch. Understood that this will need to be supported with some data.

Then indeed time to get the data senor. :slight_smile:

There’s an incredible amount of variation on titans anyway as a result of board layout and what the tile fairies give us and even what the AI decides to do when attacking our heroes; Wu absolutely makes that worse, but sad to say without real data behind the complaints can’t really expect SG to look at it.

If there a major change / bug done with Wu or any of the associated standard titan strategy that virtually everyone with a clue uses, it should be showing up in our time to kill and it isn’t there.


Point well taken mate - my only contention was that time and time alone couldn’t be a deciding data point in inferring the status coefficient of one hero in team of five, especially in a game where, as you rightly said that variance is order of the day. There could at least 5 contributing factors that I could think of - sadly I have no data to support any theory - at least you have one solid data point. We will continue this discussion in the coming weeks - thanks again!

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