Wu Kong 'miss' stats?

Okay, so we know the stats for him (depending on what rank he is you get attack + xxx% and -xx% accuracy, but then it says ‘chance of miss of specials’.

WTAF is a ‘chance’? Because fromexperience of using him, it seems ‘chance’ is pretty much 99% of missing. I have had so many misses with other hero specials that it’s honestly making me wonder what the point is of wu kong to have as a hero other than a sick joke, trojan horse put in by the developers? His ‘chance’ whatever the number is, is far too high and he’s offset far too much to make him advantageous to anyone but the enemy to use him.

If ever there was a hero who’s stats needed adjusting and recalculating, then he is it. Also, why just ‘chance’ why not just tell us what the percentage is?

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