Wu Kong level up

Should I continue dumping resources into this card? seeing how the “miss” on attacks procs more often I’m not sure if the time and resources is worth it.

Let’s just say that Wu Kong is probably the most valuable hero in the game when it comes to titans. He’s also good for raid attack and events, but he’s a just a big fat target on defense.

Taking just a quick glance at his card gives a poor impression, but if you do the math, the overall damage your team does to opponents goes up significantly with him along. On average anyway.


Max him asap. He is probably the only hero that you’d take against a titan he’s weak against!

In fact there are whole threads about him being TOO powerful!


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Ah, the Monkey King. I went bananas when I got him, he was my first 4 star. Sick luck, I know.

Wu Kong in AW/Raid offense can work well when fighting teams with less than 3.400 team strength. Facing anything stronger he’ll just roll over and play dead. He’s too squishy to raid against 5 star heroes. Still, if you’re an aspiring player raiding below 3.400 teams, he’s really useful to strengthen the attack in raids. But (big caveat) you need skills with the puzzle to make him work. Once you’ve activated Wu, it’s all about raining up as much tiles as you can. Wu Kong in offense is actually partly skill dependant, and partly luck.

Wu Kong in defense only works if you shield him very well. And I’d still much rather have a Li Xui instead of him on defense, because Li Xui’s mana drain is a pain when you’re fighting below 3.400 strength. A skilled player will take out Wu before he goes off, or disable his buff with Caedmon/Meneldor, rendering him nigh useless.

Wu Kong against Titans is where he shines. That is his niche. Pair him with a hero with ramming pulverizer (Grimm/Tiburtus/Gormek) and an attack buff (Boldtusk/Kiril). Also double up on the strong color (meaning if the titan is red you put 2 blue heroes in the team), and you can see 1 tile of the strong color doing >1k or even >2k for crits. That’s more damage than a hero special just in 1 (one!) tile. Again this is where being savvy with the board really helps - and a bit of luck, but you can tell it’ll make a big difference if you set off 6 tiles of the strong color rather than 3.


Yes, you should!


I am still throwing loads and loads of banana’s into my TC20 hoping to catch this monkey. But this far he is still missing in action.


Trust me…I felt the same way you did…then I maxed him out. He essentially turns EVERY tile into a missile that does the same or MORE damage than a special attack…seriously. His value lies in TILE damage
Don’t lose faith in Wu


From another thread:

Wu + Boldtusk + Grimm/Tiburtus/Gormek = +645% damage.

So, yeah, give him bananas all the way:


to put this in perspective, I took my average titan strike from about 13k to 23k overnight by adding a maxed out Wu Kong to my lineup. I’m not kidding


Wow, thanks everyone for all the great advice, looks like like I got some more work to do in game to farm up resources for Kong.

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Yep, he’s a high priority.

BTW people just call him “Wu”. “Kong” usually refers to Guardian Kong, a red 5* from the Guardians special event. He is as bad as Wu is good.

Holy crap, took him up to be on par with my A team, and used in a titan and some raid fights, he is now locked to my favorites, the high damage output from the board combos makes up for the the low accuracy. Again thanks EnP community for the great advice.

I can max up my second Wu Kong.

Is it worth doing for an attack war team? I’m not using him for defense.

I’ve been playing since June and just got Wu Kong during the Guardians event. Our alliance is currently facing 8-9* titans (mostly 8 since we tend to let a 9 or two get away to keep things manageable for our lower levels).

My Wu is still at 1/1 as I’ve been levelling Drake for my defensive team. Since getting Vivica & Inari recently, I’ve been contemplating on whether to level The Monkey Lord. How far can one stretch the power of Wu? Is he viable at higher level titans, i.e. 10 onward…?

I also got a 2nd Jackal at the same time as Wu… My first is a regular on raids and events, and I was hoping to play a pair of Jacks for challenge events. Would Wu’s presence make a huge difference in events for epic and legendary stages?

Should I level Wu, or should I go with 2nd Jack, Vivica, or Inari?

NOTE: I rank in the top 5 for most titan hits in our alliance.

Wu is an animal… he is overwritten by Tarlak though so don’t pair them.

I use 2 x Wu against purple titans. He has high atk. and will also allow me to have his buf running more with 2 of him.

As to war I use both of mine but depends on what else you have. Are you happy using the one you have in war then sure level up a second.

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