Wu kong khiona and tarlak stacking

Im still on the fence with wukong and tarlak. Ive been test raiding with them. I hit a yellow titan with a fully leveled team that had khiona, guardian panther, and a bad a hero i cant discuss thats currently purple. I also added in tarlak and wu kong and brought a dragon banner. I started off by forming a purple diamond. Next i charged khiona panther wukong and tarlak with mana potions. I started by launching a dragon banner. All heros showed defense up and attack up. Then i launched tarlak who then added a bicep flex graphic. Then i launched khiona who added a drama mask to 3 purples. Next i launched panther who added a defense down indicator on the titan. Finally i launched wu kong who gave everyone dice. Next i engaged the 6 purple tiles that gave me a diamond and then i launched the diamond. My average tile damage for 3 the 3 same colored heros “purple” was 3k in damage per tile.

I keep hearing all this back and forth about tarlack limits hits to 165% or whatever it is and 195% is wukongs max and khiona and dragon banners wont add more but my heros had a ton of icons over them and the 3 heros, not 5, giving 3 k each in tile damage seems like some serious stacking.

Am i wrong? Is there any over writing going on? What stacks? What are the max’s? Are there max’s with those specific heros??? Any answers are greatly appreciated.

Btw, ive used that combo regularly when i fight in the top 10 raid arena (i substitute the un named hero for sartana, and it only takes me two wins to go well into the 3000++ trophy range. So i feel its a really strong set and im not sure over writes or an over all limit is there???


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Post a screenshot of the icons on your hero and the attack buff. You can do that on a farming map. As far as I know Tarlak makes Wukong redundant because its limited to 160%. But Tarlak with Khiona works for sure.

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The dragon banner attack buff will overwrite khiona and khiona will overwrite the attack buff from dragon banner. Wu kong and Tarlak is redundant since it will just increase miss chances for tarlak and Khiona + Tarlak already reaches 145% which is already close to Tarlak’s max anyways without any misses. Also don’t forget, percent for percent, defense down is worth more than attack buff. That is why the elemental defense down heroes are so good for titans. Not only do they bring the defense down of 54% which is greater than any general defense down, the 54% is compounded by strong color vs weak color. So with ONLY the attack buff (from Tarlak + Khiona) and purple defense down only you’re already basically hitting 6-8 times as hard with purple tiles.


Sorry, they werent loaded there

And im aware it was purple against a green titan but its the powerups in question here not color matching.

Unless that tank is naked!
Why are you covering him/her!
I don’t think your using Quantis … guy like you should have a better heroes lol !

You can easily see how much their attacks increased by clicking on the hero portrait with all the buffs on it and reverse calculate the stats, just don’t forget about troops used and on who. Also, don’t forget, from the 1st picture it looks like you hit the weak point of the titan which gives you critical hits. On a neutral color that is x2 times damage on a strong color vs weak color that will yield x4 damage. On the 2nd picture I can’t really see how much damage the tile did but some forum members have also logged data and not sure how up to date or accurate it still is but here’s how they calculated damage:

Just a tip: use red heroes against green titans. They do 200% damage without any damage buff needed.

beta account with not released hero I would guess.

He didn’t mention its a beta photos!
Now it is good that he coverd it.

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The cap Tarlak has in his special is exactly to avoid using him togheter with Wu kong.

Pick one or the other, and as suggested bring a defence debuffer instead (even better 2, a normal defence debuffer and an elemental if you have him/her)

You totally wasted colors and buff the way you did, and your score can’t be better of a dude that just pick 5 random red heroes.

Edit: i’m really curious to know how much damage you do on a “normal” titan spot with that asset.
3000 per tile with a neutral color is really high, could be something suppose to not happen here but i can’t test in beta as i don’t have Tarlak.

@Kerridoc do you have Tarlak and Khiona?
Can you test if Tarlak cap work as intended?

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Tarlak caps wukong. DO NOT USE THEM TOGETHER.

1417/886 = 1.5993. close enough to 160%


Khiona’s bonus is +45%, gets bumped by 20% per hit, BUT caps at +144% at the 5th hit. (it isn’t in the special’s description but I’ve confirmed it.)

It takes special circumstances to get 5 hits on a single hero (or better yet, all three affected heroes) during the three turn duration and then take advantage of the bonus, but possible. (Wilbur helps, Wilbur + Mok-Arr can make it happen)

Tarlak + Khiona with 1 or more hits (+65%) will cap out at +160%, not 160% or better … so the upside is limited but still good enough to be worth doing, if not as good as you might hope!

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With my purple team going against a yellow titan i get 3500 per tile damage and over 5k damage with critical hits. When evelyn releases my blue titan hits are insane. A blue titan i hit with maxed december hotm tarlak elena zeline and gaderius to get insane tile damage

Gaderius seems like he would be a good tank for a low/mid-level player, before you get a good 5* tank, but he looks otherwise underwhelming to me.

Is he worthwhile on blue titans only? Isn’t he the only green normal attack buffing hero in the game? Not counting Tarlak, whose buf stacks with normal attack bufs.

Would you use him instead of BT / Kiril / Ares / Khiona / etc. as an attack buffer on any titan but a blue?

When you hit titans you need all one color. That way when you unload your green tiles you have been saving you can launch your shield drop, attack buffs, tarlack right before you release the green tile stash you built. When you have a 5 star green team against a blue titan the green tile damage is insane. I have a few 150,000 plus titan hits and thats how you get them.

Also when raiding for top ten spots the same principles apply. I look for a defense drop and an attack buff. I run at least a 3-1-1 up to a 5-0 color stack team depending on the enemy. Usually with one raid flask i can be in the number one spot in under 15 minutes. Its all the same principal. Just takes experience to figure it out. In the example above i didnt want to wait to find the right color titan so i showcased khionas abilities and posted them against the wrong color titan of course. The point was that the icons show buffs and people assume tarlak and wukong cap each other but do they really? Thats all i was saying. That 3 man team lands 3500 point single tile damage when critical is landed. Throw gregorian into the mix for increased critical attacks and my all green team against blue titans results in the highest hits one can possibly get.

Gaderius isnt awesome but hit a titan and take super mana potions and you dont have to wait for gaderius’ slow mana to charge. He gives you an attack buff and hes green which makes your green tile launch even more destructive. So with gaderius, tarlak, zeline, liana, and Evelyn you get all the buffs and shield drops you need all in one color. Plus they all have high attack stats which makes each green tile worth thousands in damage. Its a blue titan death squad.

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I won’t argue how effective that strategy sounds…but I’ll have to let you know how that works out for me … in nearly a year when I’ve got five green 5* heroes maxed. (I’m currently finishing up my second green 5*, and am probably farther along than 90% of the players at this point!)

But in my reality, today, I can have a 3-1-1, 3-2, or 4-1 titan team with at least an attack buffer and defense debuffer along with Wu or Tarlak. A couple teams are 4-1. I have Jackal and Falcon, but not Panther or Arthur.

And I’m still working out whether I get better scores by stacking more of the strong color or including more of the critical buf/debuf heroes.

And what I think I hear you saying about Gadeirus is that he’s worth bringing to blue titans, but probably not for other colors.

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Thats correct. I have gaderius leveled only for a blue titan. I wont use heros that are slow in raids or war. I have a fully leveled zeline liana and morgan la fey. I have the heros and mats to send up evelyn when i get her and tarlak. However im leaving tarlak at 3.70. I will be leveling gregorian. His 33% critical increase is huge. A critical is twice as strong as a regular hit. When i get evelyn i will level her and greg and then i feel i will have my blue titan death squad ready. I already have the percect teams for yellow and purple but i feel blue titans will be my biggest hit as i can have 5 greens with a wu equivalent without the tile miss along with an increase in criticals. Im hoping to break the 200,000 mark on a titan hit with evelyn

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