"Wu Kong is squishy" - really?

I have a rainbow team of 4* 3^60. Wu is there.

After reading several topics/replies that call Wu out as squishy, I wondered if I might need a new here in the holy hole (sorry had to).

Comparing him to Grimm, LJ, Sabina and Scarlet, I conclud ed my whole team is squishy if he is.

What is the formula for figuring out total damage to defender’s HP after defense. With that I can compare them better, and to a couple 4s I am levelling.


Sometimes a great offense is a good defense.

SG hasn’t actually given out the formula to calculate damage. Not sure if someone smarter than me has worked it out either.

I soooo feel you. Trying to level Kiril now.

I suppose the argument could be made for squishiness, especially as you start facing harder Titans (8-10*)…But he is so useful, I think folks do their best to keep him alive and firing. :wink:

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