Wu Kong haunted

The other day I read where someone said they would trade a 5* for a Wu Kong. To bad we cant do that I have 4 WU Kongs LOL. I can NOT think of very many 5*s I would turn down for 1 of him.

That was me :grin:. Im all down for titans and I really want him to improve my damage. I would swap my Horghall or Kadilen or Elkanen anytime for him :smiley: Isarna instead is a NO because she helps on titans :wink:

Raise: two Justice and 20 characters

I’ve got 3 Wu Kong and 2 5* … so yeah I would happily make a deal :stuck_out_tongue: that’s the deal sometimes tho huh :stuck_out_tongue:

I kept feeding Wu Kong to chao when I first started playing. I must’ve gone through ten of him. I was just thinking why would I want to give myself blindness? Anyways I have one fully maxed now, it turns out he’s actually amazing xD

you can have 1 of my wu kongs. Just 1 needed… Guin… So 1 in 1 trading :smiley: