Wu Kong grinder gang or Powerful rainbow auto play team or Wu Kong plus 4 healers


Both Wilbur, and Proteus, have very powerful special skills, so they only last 4, and 3, turns. Wilbur also gives enemies shared damage which is useful for killing corner enemies. But 4, and, 3 turns and shared enemy damage make it hard for a player to time right, so random firing makes it weaker.


Boldtusk is the most nerfed 4* hero. Originally Boldtusk was a 5* red pretending to be a 4* red. But still very tough after the nerfs, especially with revive 5/5.

Still a 4 turn special skill, but since this team relies on tile/ matching damage, and combos, almost always fires at a useful time.

Tarlak and Vivica

This would be nice, if I had Tarlak.

Tarlak 's Heal Over Time would be useful for auto play for undamaged allies, and would make up for Vivica 's slow mana speed.

Vivica 's defense buff is strong with a 6 turn duration.

But this requires 4* ascension items, 5* heroes and a 5* Atlantis hero.

So like the Wu Kong Cascade squad, the Wu Kong Grinder gang is more accessible. But not guaranteed available.

Wu Kong

Wu Kong is the second most nerfed 4* hero. Gambler’s stance 5 turn duration is huge. The longer duration also helps with auto play.


I do not have Ranvir ( 5* Wu Kong ).

But even if I had Ranvir, mobs have low individual HP and attack. They are deadly because they attack in mass. So like only 4* heroes allowed, Wu Kong better than Ranvir on this team.

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^^^ Also, this.

^^^ Also this.


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Well I wanted to see if the healer auto-farming team could complete a quest chain. It did.


Just an update. My modified version:

Kiril - Tarlak - Ares - Rigard - Vivica (3/70)

Can go through S2-14-10 hard mode without a sweat against Inari boss where she basically does nothing to my team. This also applies to the initial tc20 only team.

The team also does well for fog maps.


I did it with Wilbur instead of kirill…

So slow… But drives like a train

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Wilbur is a gamble but still works.
Pure tile damage. Takes a while to finish. But most of the time with full health.

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Update 1.1

Stage 3.10-1N cannot be auto played due to Boss blocking mana generation

This ailment can be removed by saving Rigard’s cleanse and using antidotes

Frostfang is a really annoying boss

Click this sentence for the rest of Update 1.1

I deleted a team ( 15x is not enough with the terrible roster GUI ) and created

Frostfang Fighters

Hansel 4*+1
Melendor 4*+18
Frida 5* 4.80 ( luckiest HotM summon )
Grimm 4*+18
Joon 5* 3.70

Joon’s accuracy debuff is amazing

Click for original post. Grinder gang, Map Season 3, double auto play block, stage 3.6-10N, yellow elite Norns, yellow Boss Norns

Map Season 3 auto play, Grinder Gang

I was able to auto play Map Season 3 until I hit a double block ( see notes ) at stage 3.6-10N

For exact heroes, and troops, used in my Wu Kong Grinder Gang, see notes

Auto play, double block 3.6-10N

Season 3, province 6, stage 10 ( 3.6-10N ) is all elite yellow / elite blue Norns, and boss yellow Norns

They can block auto play, Wu Kong, Grinder Gang

Elite / Boss Yellow Norns’ Debuff

Click for auto play details and auto play options

For auto play, against the elite / Boss yellow Norns, when a hero is debuffed by the yellow Norns

Wu Kong does not work ( weak against yellow )

Rigard does not work ( strong against yellow becomes weak against yellow )

When debuffed by yellow Norns, this means both Wu Kong, and Rigard,

do half normal damage/ tile damage/ matching damage against yellow Norns and

due to Norns’ debuff ( see notes ) take extra damage from yellow special attacks ( see tinted damage in notes )

Replacement - Blue, Green, Red

Blue, green, red are all neutral against elite / Boss yellow Norns

You can replace Wu Kong, and Rigard, with any suitable blue, green, or red hero


Grimm / 2nd Kiril / Boril / Sonya / etc.

2nd Melendor / Kashhrek / Caedmon / Little John / etc.

Gormek / 2nd Boldtusk / Scarlett / Kelile / etc.

3x Blue

Blue is neutral against elite blue / elite yellow / Boss yellow Norns

You can also run Boldtusk - Melendor - 3x blues


Boldtusk - Melendor - Boril - Grimm - Kiril

Mono Blue

You can also run mono blue

I successfully passed with 2x blue paladin 5* HotM, 1x blue Classic 5* hero, Kiril and Grimm


You can also try manual play to pass 3.6-10N


Click for notes

Auto play blocks

An auto play block is how many failed attempts to pass a stage using only auto play


zero blocks = first auto play attempt succeeds / no auto play fails

single block = first auto play attempt failed

double block = second auto play attempt failed

After a double, or triple, auto play block, I will usually manually play the stage or change my auto play team

My Grinder Gang

yellow, Wu Kong 4*+18

4* Lv16 Crit Troop

purple, Rigard 4*+18

4* Lv15 Crit Troop

red, costume version Boldtusk 4*+18

4* Lv3 Crit Troop

green, Melendor 4*+18

4* Lv15 Crit Troop

blue, Kiril 4*+01

4* Lv15 Crit Troop

Grinding Map Seasons

One of my accounts is trying to unlock Map Season 5

Which means grinding

Map Season 3 until 3.15-1N and

Map Season 4 until 4.15-1N

Tinted attacks

Norns’ debuff



Classic Heroes

For Map Season 3, I was able to make it work with emblems on Classic 4* heroes ( 4x 4*+18 ) and one Classic 5* hero ( 1x 5*+1 ) see below

Update 2.0

Map Season 3 is really annoying

Between Boss special skills based off Season 3 heroes, and Runic rocks, Classic 4* 4.70 heroes are not doing well

Current Team

Melendor 4*+18 with 4* Lv15 crit troop
Boldtusk 4*+18 with 4* Lv3 crit troop
Rigard 4*+18 with 4* Lv15 crit troop
Magni 5*+1 with 4* Lv15 crit troop
Wu King 4*+18 with 4* Lv16 crit troop

All base heroes ( see below )

Click this sentence for rest of Update 2.0

Season 3 Bosses

To be clear, I hate the heroes based off of PvE Bosses ( looking at you Guardian Owl )

I much prefer heroes designed for summoning, then nerfed to use at PvE Bosses ( looking at you Falcon, Panther, Jackal )

But heroes designed for summoning, then nerfed to use as PvE Bosses are very, very annoying for auto play


Classic base 4*+18
Melendor, Boldtusk, Rigard, Wu Kong

Are still working pretty good since they all have very powerful special abilities

Especially Fighter 4*+18 Boldtusk with healing AND 30% revive ( see notes )


Wizard class was never a good fit for 4* blue, base Kiril ( I suggested Rogue for costume Kiril, see notes )

Kiril also overwrites Boldtusk’s attack buff ( both base hero and costume )

So I have removed base Kiril 4*+1 from my auto play team


I am still missing several Classic 5* heroes

Click for Classic 5* hero angst

5* HotM, 4* ascension item, and 5* costume business model make it very hard to enjoy Map Season 2+

I was forced to empty my Legendary recruit training ( RT20 )

157x RT20 gave me the following Classic 5* heroes:

Isarnia x2
Sartana x2

I had 19,616x RT11 ( extra low cost recruit training ), 35.2 million food ( hoarded in RT12 - guaranteed rare recruit training ), 31x Warm Capes, 25x Telescopes, 370x Fighter emblems

So I power leveled 5* 1.1 Magni to 5*+1 ( see notes for power leveling )

Magni 5*+1

If you do not have a better 5* blue hero ( looking at you elusive Ariel / costume Ariel )

Magni’s defense buff does not overwrite Boldtuk’s attack buff

Magni’s defense buff works even if Gambler’s stance is active


Magni’s defense buff only effects caster and nearby

I placed Magni between Rigard, and Wu Kong, since they are two of the most powerful heroes on my team ( first has cleanse for most elite/ Boss debuffs - SGG loves it’s enemies casting debuffs - and second has huge bonus to normal damage / tile damage / matching damage )


Magni’s snipe has a 32% chance of missing while Gambler’s stance is active. If it does hit, it does 4,797 attack ( without troops ) or 5,178 attack ( without troops but with Gambler’s stance and Warcry )


I do not have any costumes for the original Grinder Gang except Boldtusk

But base Boldtusk 4*+18 has a +30% chance to revive with 1 HP after a fatal attack which is good for auto play


Click for notes ( Update 2.0 )

Fighter Boldtusk

Fighters with Healing

Pre Map Season 3

May, or may not, be outdated with current game meta

Power leveling

Suggestion, Kiril Costume


Costume chamber


Completed all stages, including Ultimate 4500, 10 WE, reward 3x keys

Using Classic 4*+18 heroes / Classic 5*+1 hero

2021-Nov-18 Team

Wu Kong Grinder Gang 2: Ice Boogaloo

With Trial, battle item load out

Oops, replaced Axes with

10x antidotes


Click for notes


base Classic 4* / 5* heroes

Spend depth

Click for business discussion

I boycotted Costume chamber when it was first released since it is a bad deal for players

But I am researching Spend depth in Empires

Costumes are the single best business decision for a tiny team like SGG

Even better than 5* HotM

Enormous potential for spend depth by forcing players to level 2x duplicate base heroes, and 2x duplicate costumes, to get maximum effect from each costume added to the game

Or 7x, of both, if needed for War / tournament defense team and all 6x war attack teams


Auto play 4.8-4N

Season 4, Province 8, Stage 4, Difficulty Normal ( 4.8-4N ) refuses to successfully auto play with Grinder Gang v2.1 ( Rigard is now b.Rigard Lv75 4*+18 )

b= base hero, no costume
b+= base hero with costume bonus
c= costume


But it works fine manually controlling Grinder Gang v2.1


Totally works !
don’t have Kiril…used Gullinbursti instead.

Boy autoplayed S1 21.9 and when the stage completed, not just every hero was alive, they had 200% health. Insane haha !

Btw, all my healers have costume bonus +19 talent + LB 5 levels, so yeah they are pretty sturdy !

Just inspired me to have a fun raid with 4 healers plus wu.


Thanks for the video

I just use it for auto play because it is so slow but you have opened my eyes to the possibilities ( especially with the high bonuses of Classic hero costumes and Limit Breaking )


Lady of the Lake is just insane

Want one



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