Wu Kong grinder gang or Powerful rainbow auto play team or Wu Kong plus 4 healers

Classic Heroes

For Map Season 3, I was able to make it work with emblems on Classic 4* heroes ( 4x 4*+18 ) and one Classic 5* hero ( 1x 5*+1 ) see below

Update 2.0

Map Season 3 is really annoying

Between Boss special skills based off Season 3 heroes, and Runic rocks, Classic 4* 4.70 heroes are not doing well

Current Team

Melendor 4*+18 with 4* Lv15 crit troop
Boldtusk 4*+18 with 4* Lv3 crit troop
Rigard 4*+18 with 4* Lv15 crit troop
Magni 5*+1 with 4* Lv15 crit troop
Wu King 4*+18 with 4* Lv16 crit troop

All base heroes ( see below )

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Season 3 Bosses

To be clear, I hate the heroes based off of PvE Bosses ( looking at you Guardian Owl )

I much prefer heroes designed for summoning, then nerfed to use at PvE Bosses ( looking at you Falcon, Panther, Jackal )

But heroes designed for summoning, then nerfed to use as PvE Bosses are very, very annoying for auto play


Classic base 4*+18
Melendor, Boldtusk, Rigard, Wu Kong

Are still working pretty good since they all have very powerful special abilities

Especially Fighter 4*+18 Boldtusk with healing AND 30% revive ( see notes )


Wizard class was never a good fit for 4* blue, base Kiril ( I suggested Rogue for costume Kiril, see notes )

Kiril also overwrites Boldtusk’s attack buff ( both base hero and costume )

So I have removed base Kiril 4*+1 from my auto play team


I am still missing several Classic 5* heroes

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5* HotM, 4* ascension item, and 5* costume business model make it very hard to enjoy Map Season 2+

I was forced to empty my Legendary recruit training ( RT20 )

157x RT20 gave me the following Classic 5* heroes:

Isarnia x2
Sartana x2

I had 19,616x RT11 ( extra low cost recruit training ), 35.2 million food ( hoarded in RT12 - guaranteed rare recruit training ), 31x Warm Capes, 25x Telescopes, 370x Fighter emblems

So I power leveled 5* 1.1 Magni to 5*+1 ( see notes for power leveling )

Magni 5*+1

If you do not have a better 5* blue hero ( looking at you elusive Ariel / costume Ariel )

Magni’s defense buff does not overwrite Boldtuk’s attack buff

Magni’s defense buff works even if Gambler’s stance is active


Magni’s defense buff only effects caster and nearby

I placed Magni between Rigard, and Wu Kong, since they are two of the most powerful heroes on my team ( first has cleanse for most elite/ Boss debuffs - SGG loves it’s enemies casting debuffs - and second has huge bonus to normal damage / tile damage / matching damage )


Magni’s snipe has a 32% chance of missing while Gambler’s stance is active. If it does hit, it does 4,797 attack ( without troops ) or 5,178 attack ( without troops but with Gambler’s stance and Warcry )


I do not have any costumes for the original Grinder Gang except Boldtusk

But base Boldtusk 4*+18 has a +30% chance to revive with 1 HP after a fatal attack which is good for auto play


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Fighter Boldtusk

Fighters with Healing

Pre Map Season 3

May, or may not, be outdated with current game meta

Power leveling

Suggestion, Kiril Costume