Wu Kong grinder gang or Powerful rainbow auto play team or Wu Kong plus 4 healers

Update 1.1

Stage 3.10-1N cannot be auto played due to Boss blocking mana generation

This ailment can be removed by saving Rigard’s cleanse and using antidotes

Frostfang is a really annoying boss

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I deleted a team ( 15x is not enough with the terrible roster GUI ) and created

Frostfang Fighters

Hansel 4*+1
Melendor 4*+18
Frida 5* 4.80 ( luckiest HotM summon )
Grimm 4*+18
Joon 5* 3.70

Joon’s accuracy debuff is amazing

Click for original post. Grinder gang, Map Season 3, double auto play block, stage 3.6-10N, yellow elite Norns, yellow Boss Norns

Map Season 3 auto play, Grinder Gang

I was able to auto play Map Season 3 until I hit a double block ( see notes ) at stage 3.6-10N

For exact heroes, and troops, used in my Wu Kong Grinder Gang, see notes

Auto play, double block 3.6-10N

Season 3, province 6, stage 10 ( 3.6-10N ) is all elite yellow / elite blue Norns, and boss yellow Norns

They can block auto play, Wu Kong, Grinder Gang

Elite / Boss Yellow Norns’ Debuff

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For auto play, against the elite / Boss yellow Norns, when a hero is debuffed by the yellow Norns

Wu Kong does not work ( weak against yellow )

Rigard does not work ( strong against yellow becomes weak against yellow )

When debuffed by yellow Norns, this means both Wu Kong, and Rigard,

do half normal damage/ tile damage/ matching damage against yellow Norns and

due to Norns’ debuff ( see notes ) take extra damage from yellow special attacks ( see tinted damage in notes )

Replacement - Blue, Green, Red

Blue, green, red are all neutral against elite / Boss yellow Norns

You can replace Wu Kong, and Rigard, with any suitable blue, green, or red hero


Grimm / 2nd Kiril / Boril / Sonya / etc.

2nd Melendor / Kashhrek / Caedmon / Little John / etc.

Gormek / 2nd Boldtusk / Scarlett / Kelile / etc.

3x Blue

Blue is neutral against elite blue / elite yellow / Boss yellow Norns

You can also run Boldtusk - Melendor - 3x blues


Boldtusk - Melendor - Boril - Grimm - Kiril

Mono Blue

You can also run mono blue

I successfully passed with 2x blue paladin 5* HotM, 1x blue Classic 5* hero, Kiril and Grimm


You can also try manual play to pass 3.6-10N


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Auto play blocks

An auto play block is how many failed attempts to pass a stage using only auto play


zero blocks = first auto play attempt succeeds / no auto play fails

single block = first auto play attempt failed

double block = second auto play attempt failed

After a double, or triple, auto play block, I will usually manually play the stage or change my auto play team

My Grinder Gang

yellow, Wu Kong 4*+18

4* Lv16 Crit Troop

purple, Rigard 4*+18

4* Lv15 Crit Troop

red, costume version Boldtusk 4*+18

4* Lv3 Crit Troop

green, Melendor 4*+18

4* Lv15 Crit Troop

blue, Kiril 4*+01

4* Lv15 Crit Troop

Grinding Map Seasons

One of my accounts is trying to unlock Map Season 5

Which means grinding

Map Season 3 until 3.15-1N and

Map Season 4 until 4.15-1N

Tinted attacks

Norns’ debuff