Wu Kong for titan - great advice - Thank You!

With Tiburtus you would do 70k or even more.


Why Tiburtus?
That was a puple titan. And I did over 70k.
Please explain.

Because you don’t have Grimm or Gormek. Reduced defence gives huge damage bonus. You have to use those heroes to increase damage. Best combo is to combine reduced defence with bonus attack. That would give you best damage output. I don’t have Wu and I have really high damage output on titan comparing to friends with Wu. Mainly because I focus on keeping defence reduction and attack boost bonuses being kept all the time.

She has Grimm… O.o. Which in this case is the obvious choice over Tibertus. I imagine she fires up Grimm first… then Wu to get to that 70k score :). Which, btw, is pretty ■■■■ amazing!


thank you, dear. Yes, I fire Grimm first.

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Yes :). EDIT – Thanks @EvilSmoothie

With Wu and his gambler pose… you’re in luck, because there is no other hero with that particular special attack --> his attack buff is stacked with other buffs. Fire the specials up --> one of the following: Gormek/Grimm/Tibertus/Ulmer – Brienne – Wu – and fire up those gems. Check the damage per shiny diamond and smile :D. Oh… and for EXTRA fun… do all this and hit the titans weakspot for a stun + (!!) another double damage… whoop!

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Yeah, sorry, somehow I missed it on the list. In this case Grimm is better choice.

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Brienne does not stack with kiril/bt/bear banner. Wu is the only attack buff that stacks anymore.

Pfff… you are right! That’s good to know :smiley: T_T

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My biggest hit ATM. Thanks Mr. Wu


wow! congratulations!

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Thank you for the great advice!!!

10* titan, one flask
(leadership allowed one flask each, because we wanted to kill this baby)


When with your first attack you almost reach the 1st player. Thanks Mr. Wu for my new record :slight_smile:


And to think some people don’t agree that Wu Kong is OP…

You’re just being shown the max results here. If you judge Wu based on the sceenshots in this thread, then you’re severely overestimating his power. These massive numbers you can only get if you’re lucky enough to set off a HUGE combo -after- you’ve activated Wu’s, buffer and debuffer’s specials. This takes skill and timing and a strong amount of luck.

Also you’re overlooking the fact that Wu in itself against titans is just Wu. These players get their large numbers by using the synergy between Wu, a buffer (Boldtusk, Kiril) and a debuffer (Grimm, Tiburtus).

Also, for that truly maxed score, you’ll also use items. A special is just a line of text until you’ve activated it.

Finally, keeping Wu alive against a 8-star or stronger titans is not easy. He is very much glass cannon. Ignore his HP and he’ll be dead.

I’m not denying Wu is the most powerful 4* against titans, and better than many 5*'s against titans. But overpowered? That means you could achieve these results “with your brain off”, and that’s just not the case.


He’s not overpowered. I generally sit in the 20,000 damage range with him, but I’ll still get crappy boards where I do 6,000. If I used more potions/tornadoes/time stops I could probably get that to 30-40k. That 80k hit is just insane! Really, it depends on board luck and timing.

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Hi Bertus and JoeStraz

He is OP because one should always have him in the titan team, regardless of titan color and regardless of what other heroes you may have.
Not to mention that he is always used by top scorers in events, the only exception being the event that reflects yellow tiles (for obvious reasons).

Have a nice day.

Mana potions are OP 'cause we always have to bring them to score better than without :joy:

Remember that with Wu Kong you can’t always hit the weak spot x3 and that decrease your ability to do damage (due to dead heroes) and you have to bring more items to solve possible issues.

Synergy is important to achieve such scores: team’s attack buff (+233% attack) and target’s defense debuff (-34%) helps and Merlin work very well with Wu Kong as both of them rely on cascade attacks to increase their damage (Merlin making the titan reach his 100% mana and dealing more damage based on Titan’s mana %) and it also makes you skip the titan’s animation, giving you more time to match your tiles and further increasing your damage!

It’s worth noting that Wu doesn’t affect gem hit chances for colors where the hero is missing, so you can hit a titan weak spot with those and not have to worry about miss chances.

Hitting with no-hero color tiles don’t miss via Wu Kong but kinda defeat your primary goal wich is to deal damage.
Hitting with dead hero’s tiles (no active Wu Kong’s effect on the interested hero color) have the same effect but the damage will come from your dead hero’s attack score, no bonus here.

Even I do that as making heroes survive lead to better results but you doing so I make fade away effects wich if we not reapplied (already charged hero or heavy items usage here) will lower my damage.

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