Wu Kong chance to miss – how does it work if you stack multiple heroes of the same color?

Among multiple hero’s how is chance to miss calculated? Say I have 2 purple hero’s, and stance got debuffed from one of them, how is the chance to miss calculated for that color tile now?

Each hero has an associated troop that tiles of their color may turn into on a match. It’s random which troop of the appropriate color a tile will convert into on a match. The chance to miss is attached to the troop effectively, and the whole troop (tile) either hits or misses.


Good thread to check is also.

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Beautiful explanation, thank you kind sir


That’s probably not an ideal thread, actually.


There is a lot of talk about chances to miss for Wu in second thread but in conversation. First thread maybe is not good will remove it.

Oh Wu Kong can miss, a lot. But he probably doesn’t miss more than 32%. It’s just people tend to remember the bad moments in fights more than the good ones.


This also applies to the +185% Attack bonus since Gambler’s Stance is one status effect.

Very similar to how Ranvir acts in a color stack.

(Ranvir – New June 2019 HOTM (Hero of the Month): First Thoughts & Discussion)


So if 1 have Wu Kong’s buff and 1 do not have, does it mean the chance to miss is 32/2 = 16%?

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