Wu Kong buff & atlantis

I have a question for other players. Do your Wu Kong buff work worst in a last week before atlantis summon? I have seen that in titan i have about 50% more misses in last week.
Do you heve the same ?

Wu’s misses are completely random. There shouldn’t be any correlations with factor like what point in the month we are.


i know that there shouldn’t be any correlations :slight_smile: but i can see it:) Normaly i hit titan 5/6 times in that i have one or two attaks with +45 k dmg, last week max i made is 35 k on 6 titans
Maby SG make us to buy diamonts for Tarlak :smiley:

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I haven’t noticed anything with Wu, but I still want Tarlak, lol :wink:

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My Wu is hitting normally. I just got near my all-time high on my last red titan hit using Wu.

wu is the perfect incarnation of the RNG…the ikon of Empire and Puzzle :^)

so miss with him, is like to say " omg i made a 300 gem pull and don"t get a five star hero " :sweat_smile:

You see it because you forgot to wear your tin-foil hat. If you wear it, I can guarantee your Wu Kong will work fine. Trust me, I am a doctor.


Please close the topic

Is tomorrow my turn to create a topic about Wu missing two tiles in a 3-match?
I threw dice once for 10 times and didn’t get a 6, fix this bug.

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This isnt a topic about Wu missing two tiles in a 3-match.
I m not an idiot, i know how Wu works. I know that he can miss 9/10 tiles and i know that he can hit 10/10 tiles.
I just see there is correlation with Atlantis summon in my case :slight_smile:

Need at least 10000+ samples of proof in order to believe this is true.

Or someone who have notice something similar :slight_smile:

Closing at request of OP

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