Wu Kong appreciation thread

My favorite interaction in this game so far has been when Justice tank blinds me team for 35% when I’m about to activate Wu. It’s funny because now Wu’s blindness drawback is a 3% buff. “I don’t care, I was about to blind myself anyways!” But now you also have +185% attack. And it stacks with other buffs. The crazy monkey has won me so many raids I shouldn’t have won. I also think he’s essential for harder levels on the map or for events, obviously titans. He’s my favorite. Heart reaccs only.


Agree. … 20 attempts To get him in train camp lv 13 … not yet

I have 3 Wu Kongs - 1 at max, one on the home stretch the other yet to start on. Best asset to my team for especially for war.

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Iceman! Nice to see you have time for E&P between races! :slight_smile:

I love Wu also, just ascended the 2nd one to his final tier… I agree completely, he’s really been very valuable for me in raids, hard quest/event/map levels, and wars… and of course Titans. Don’t leave home without him! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Annoying little monkey man :slight_smile:

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Wu is awesome.

Just this morning I completely turned the tide in an uphill AW battle using Wu. My team was 500 points weaker than the opposing team - there was no better target available. So I was actually aiming to just take out the tank.

And then I activated Wu and along came a nice cascade of tiles and some AoE Kadilen Kaboom and … Victory :slight_smile:

Wu enables you to hit far above your weight. It’s risky and prone to failure, but when it does work like a charm it’s awesome.


Wu Kong is great.
Many moons ago I had him but got fed up with his inaccuracy debuff so fed him to someone!..yeah I know, dumb move.
But I got him back and use quite often, he is often in my Titan attack team


Got my third out of tc20. Just doubting now if i’m going for a all wu kong defence team or feed it :smiley:
I appreciate Wu, but 1 sure will be enough :smiley:


I am at 2500 cups with 3 5star, kiril, and wu

As i got him i got higher and higher in cups an did insane titan damages

Wu with Boldtusk when he hits its even better

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I love my Wu. I will admit in my early days I think I fed multiple Wu’s because I didn’t like his ability and waited forever for another.

He has made such a big impact and is fun to use…

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And to add my appreciation.

I think most of us can agree he is awesome for Titan. But some more dispute for raid offense. I have run with him in raid for a long time with cups in the 2200-2400 range. I don’t cup drop nor have I specifically tried to get a long streak. But I have still had my longest win streak at 44. So he can also give stabel wins not just win over stronger opponents.

Misses Comments!!!

To put it straight out there. Wu IS great! Most of the tesms that I take out are 3800-4250 tp, and I do it with a 3500 attack team. Yes, there are days that it seems like his skill has been nerfed and it’s miss, miss, miss, miss, miss; but that’s the “gamble” you take. Overall, I do mega damage against titans. I broke my PB this week with a 70k hit vs 8* Dread. Prior to that it was 63k vs a 8* Blaze. I don’t see anyone doing that type of damage without Wu.

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_Translation (French): It’s clear that wu is an atomic bomb from every point of view. You just have to accept its whims…


I wonder what’s going to happen when I put a lvl 70 Wu Kong in the same lineup as a lvl 70 Wilbur? I feel like a mad scientist here. Wilbur is almost there and Wu is the next hero I will upgrade.

Wu + wilbur combo is insane ^^ . You annihilate a lot of teams in raids with it… Ill add my ares just because there is not still enough damage.

Against titan it’s a must (even yellow ones)

Being a newish player (2 months) Wu lets me compete in raids (platinum level), titans (15k-30k hits) and alliance wars. I don’t think I would have as much fun in this game without him

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