Wu Kong and leveling people

Hello, been playing E&P for a few months now and I like the game. When it comes to leveling someone next, I’m never too sure. My question is if you were to use Wu Kongs active and then use an antidote, does it rid the accuracy debuff and let you keep the atk buff? Trying to see if he would be worth the leveling as i struggle to level people in this game right now. Also any tips for best way to level people? Sorry if this isnt in the proper place. New to the forums.

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No, they are wrapped on one. Antidote won’t have any effect on his ability as it is calculated as a positive effect, not negative

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Very unfortunate… But what I was looking for. Much appreciated on the answer!

Do not let his accuracy debuff turn you off.
He’s still a great hero to have.

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I spend money on the game, so I just have better people to level at this point for yellow. If you could have used an antidote
for his “debuff” i probably would have leveled him. Knowing this just puts him way down on the priority list is all.

which yellows do you have/are you leveling?

Wu is great and his gems are sharp (high attack score). All the big titan hits use Wu and using him in raiding allows you to beat teams with higher power you couldn’t hang with otherwise. Do not underestimate him.


Joon was my first 5* yellow. He is 28/70 on T3 ascension. So he is my main guy I been working on. I just pulled Justice yesterday but have nothing for her atm lol. 4* I have HuTao at lvl 1 on T3 ascension as he was my first yellow guy until Joon. I have Chao, Jackal, Wu Kong, Li Xiu and they are all at lvl 1. Was probably going to level Li Xiu after Justice…as Justice makes Hu Tao kind of useless. You think I should level someone else?

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If your focus isnt raid defense and maintaining cups, I wouldnt level Justice/HuTao/LiXiu/Chao

Joon/Mushi/WuKong/Jackal is where the power lies! :slight_smile:

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I don’t use Wu Kong, he went down on my priority list too even though I know his skill makes amazing Titan score sometimes.
But you can find a lot of thoughts about Wu on forum, you could take a look at that before you decide if you want to level him.
I sometimes regret that I didn’t.

I’ve heard good thiings about Jackal…but i dont have that many yellow people leveled up for him to make a huge use yet. Hmm…Maybe I should level wu kong after all then?Maybe I’ll go Wu Kong, Jackal, Justice? I have read a lot of mixed reviews on Wu. So I have no clue on what to do lol

As an owner of a tier 4 and tier 3 jackal, he’s kick butt, especially on titans, ESPECIALLY on dark titans :slight_smile: Just keep him on the corners as his defense sucks.

Way better than Chao. I’m going to level Wu Kong next and if I remember I can report back.


I love Wu Kong when I see him on the other raid team.

I just kill everybody but him and then charge up my heroes while he just sits there and flexes.

Then I kill him.

I can confirm that Jackal is AMAZING against purple titans. I dropped 51k on the dread dragon the other day using Jackal and Joon.


I love your descriptions! :joy:

You must jot something down and add it to the Community Content section! Pleeeease?


And what would happen if I put 2x wu kong in a team of titanium.

Nothing. His buff doesn’t stack. So using two Wu Kongs only makes sense if you attack a purple titan and don’t have another yellow hero with a higher attack value.

Thank you for the answer, it’s a pity that it does not accumulate because today I drew 2 wu konga and I do not have a better yellow hero and I have materials to improve it, so I will wait for another yellow.

You underestimate the power of the dark side

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Couldnt you technically take two Wu Kongs into play and use the second one’s Mana after the first one is finished? I do that with defense reducers

For lack of a better job, I probably level up my congregation and testify on titan

You could, but many times my wu kong is ready to fire his special again before 1st wears off

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