WU Kingdom! 2nd Global Beta of War of the Three Kingdoms!

Who are from the Wu dynasty? let’s develop tactics


My 12 assault team and I took part in the Wu kingdom

Spy from Wei is watching you :wink:


I’m also in Wu this time


it will again be 0 since everyone will have 12 attacks and will not receive any rewards

this can not be! spies infiltrated us immediately :rofl:

Also Wu for the second time in a row :slight_smile: Not sure what tactics except try to have more or less unified tanks…

Here is what I seem to do best in the game - a poll :smiley:

Coordinated tanks for Wu Kingdom should be:

  • Purple
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow

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@VaroshKral Pleas pin this poll in the beginning of the thread


I don’t see Sun Quan as a hero in the portal. Anyone has any idea which heroes from the portal are related with Wu kingdom according to the legend?

How often this event is supposed to happen (once it is official)? Once a month? Every 2 months? I’m just wondering that should I invest for hero pulls although I already have this month’s hotm.

Every month (of hopefully 20 lucky pulls :))

I have been allocated to the Wei Kingdom for this next war …
No idea what tactics (if any) to expect
But watching you lot too …… lol

And straight away nobody understands the majority of what is being said in chat lol …

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One look at the summon odds, I thought “naaahh!”.
Just 7.9% odds of pulling an event 3* and 5.7% for an event 4*… !! That’s too discouraging.


Seeing how Blue is winning the tank contest, I cannot help but wonder if actually Blue was voted by the players from the other two Kingdoms to mess with us :joy:


Guys, I’m not a quarterback and I’m sure there are much more experienced fighters in tactics. but if i need to give a general tactic; First of all, 12 rights will be used in war. this means; 5* in reserve or 3 and 4* heroes that you save for events will also be included in the game. this means you stay away from risky attacks and don’t consume heroes quickly. Do not forget that half-finished opponents give bonus points at least as much as full opponents. After attacking with strong teams, you must wait to clear half opponents. This may even bring you first place. And if you direct your allies who want to talk in war to this forum page, you can gain an advantage in language.

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Will there be a leftover war for the unlucky ones that will rather be ie. 17vs17 than 100vs100? Or shall there be several ie. 95vs95 wars to compensate that that there wouldn’t be 17vs17 war?


We can develop tactics via in game 3K chat once your clan/band (whatever it’s called) is formed. Discussing tactics on a public forum where the enemy sees it is not smart.

I’ll go 17 vs 17. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

why not? pursuit has no antitactical possibilities against tactics. and if we are in the wu kingdom today, we can fight another war in the wei or shu kingdom. I don’t think there is any harm in sharing information.

Part of the issue is also you don’t know if responders are within the same 100 set as you despite being in same kingdom. No point agreeing with a bunch of others who won’t be in your battle on tactics. Far better to use the in game chat once assigned to individual war band within kingdom


Reason why I like this W3K. The best tactic is get to the battle field and kill as many enemies as possible! No constraints!

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