Wu King - before he was nerfed

Hi I was wondering if anyone has specifics about Wu King hero. I was told that there was time when he didn’t make his ally’s miss shots… he was better team player than right now :smiley_cat:
Do you guys have any info? And when was he nerfed (what patch was it?)?

Thanks in advance :wink:

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Long time ago. Maybe may?
He originally didnt make teammates miss on specials. There are threads about it


Buff + debuff

Gambler’s Stance is effectively an attack buff and a blind debuff:

Continuing the discussion from 1.4 Release Notes:

Continuing the discussion from 1.6 Release Notes:


Wu Kong used to be great, best hero ever used. Until the most recent messing around, if you trigger your other heros that are ready when Wu is, 1st, THEN you trigger Wu any tiles whether the same color tile as hero, would always to major damage. Never got a miss with tiles. Now that they’ve cheated us out of an awesome hero, ONLY the opposing color is double charged. Yes you got misses if you triggered him 1st is same turn. PUT IT BACK LIKE IT WAS! You nerfed Nashgard a long time ago and now even talented, he’s not worth a thing![quote=“Westalka, post:1, topic:13612, full:true”]
Hi I was wondering if anyone has specifics about Wu King hero. I was told that there was time when he didn’t make his ally’s miss shots… he was better team player than right now :smiley_cat:
Do you guys have any info? And when was he nerfed (what patch was it?)?

Thanks in advance :wink:

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If he never missed with tiles for you in the past, you should have been buying lottery tickets instead of playing E&P.

You’re replying to posts from January of 2018 here. The last change to Wu Kong’s special was made in version 1.6. We’re up to version 22 now.

I don’t believe Nashgar has been changed since he was introduced to the game. There are no patch notes about any changes to him.


That has never ever been a thing, Wu Kong’s buff always had a chance to make tiles of the colors you used miss.

If you were never missing then you were getting very lucky lol.


No it wasn’t just me. I hate it when I’m dismissed or insinuated that I am lying. I do not make a statement on this forum if I do not know for a fact after doing my own experiments and after checking with several other people.

That’s because you’re not backing up your statement with evidence.

Wu has always had an accuracy debuff on tiles.


The chance to miss special skills was the only thing that got changed with his skill. Once upon a long time, yeah his skill made him a better team player and prevented skills from missing. But that was changed a while back as Garanwyn pointed out. You can check the post that Gryphoknight made up in this thread to see the balance changes made with Wu Kong’s skill (along with blindness).

My intention isn’t to call you a liar or dismiss you either. I’m just saying that the skill description and the behavior of his skill (many players here have Wu Kong, including me, and I never saw what you claim to see) doesn’t match with what you are stating.

That said, if you have facts or data from your experiments, then I’d be happy to see them and be proven wrong.


Here’s a complaint about his misses from March 2018:

And another complaint from March of 2018:

And another about his tile misses from July 2018:

Also August 2018:

Here’s a complaint from February of 2019:

And from May of 2019, which is before the latest patch:

I could go on, but I think this makes the point.

No one is calling you a liar. But if your claim is that Wu didn’t used to miss with tiles, you are absolutely incorrect.


If you go back up to Gryphonknight post it seem that a long time ago :smile: it was the case.
Now i don’t trust him to hit the broad side of a barn, the worst part is that he take the whole team down too.
My feelings about Wu are well documented on the forum.
Have fun.

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I think Zynga wants us to believe their lies. I DO NOT! I have recordings before and after he was nerfed. Before, as long as you followed the rule to trigger any heros BEFORE triggering him, NEVER WERE THEIR MISSES. I’m sick of being lied to. Once we were told that when they made a new hero like him only 5* they claimed that they had to demote Wu. BS, make them a little different but DO NOT change a hero that we in good faith spent time, resources, & money on!! Do not continuing to lie to us! Everyone in our alliance that has Wu fully leveled & talents have said the exact same thing! WE ARE NOT THE LIARS! Why would we? We loved him. No one from Zynga ever asked to see my videos. WHY? Because they know they are lying and do not want you to know! Coincidentally, since I have complained, as a 30+ level & several 5* & 4* majority heros, I have not received any ascension items I NEED. Family members with no 4* 5* heros, have received many of their needed ascension items! I have been waiting to get fine gloves and darts for over 1½y. Nothing suspect they’re?? I and many other members are making a campaign on Play Stores reviews about how corrupt Zynga is. Not just with this game, but ALL their other games! I’ve actually quit playing this game on this account. Other accts are so far doing OK.

Then you didn’t partake in the MANY rare quests that have happened in the last 18 months which guaranteed you both fine gloves and darts.


Put them on Youtube and link them here. I’d love to see them! I only started playing about a year ago, so I don’t know what Wu Kong was like way, way back. :slight_smile:

I stopped using Wu Kong for raids months ago, now I only use him on Titans. In raids, I prefer to be very strategic and tactical with my special skills, and I can’t stand for them to miss. In particular, I use Proteus in just about every raid (unless Poseidon is on the enemy defense), I use Hansel quite a bit, I use Jackal+Joon quite a bit… any of those abilities missing is not worth the hassle just to get the extra tile damage.

Good gaming!


You know what… not worth it.

Believe what you will.


Wu used to guarantee you at least a decent titan score per hit. Not anymore. Unless you power up wu and your defense debuffers with mana pots or tornadoes immediately, your looking at a “blah” board for the most part unless you get some lucky tile cascades. Heroes seem to miss a ton when wu activated too. Used to hit 9 stars for 40 to 50k regularly with wu. Now unless I power up, it’s more uncommon to hit for over 25k then it it is to be below 25k. I think they made titan defense higher as well personally. And I have been using wu for over 2 years now so I do have some long term experience with him.

An increased titan defense has nothing to do with Wu’s abilities at all.

I see what you mean: Mana pots, scores above 50k, no mana pots: scores below 30k. But they’re sooo expensive and the last 3 loots with A+ were so crappy, it’s not worth it atm.

I just meant that titans seem harder to hit for good score as possibly their defenses have been upped…not necessarily relative to wu specifically.

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As soon as I get home from vacation, I will figure out how to up load them on You Tube. He was just nerfed about 5-6 mo ago. I don’t have any videos when he was as he was meant to be.

I’m confused… if Wu was only nerfed 5 or 6 months ago, and that’s what your complaining about, then how is it relevant that you have been waiting for ascension mats for a year and a half?

It seemed like you were saying that your act of complaining was the direct reason you have been denied fine gloves or darts for a year and a half? But then it also seems you didn’t have anything to complain about until 5/6 months ago?

I’m just confused…