WTB hero advice - Killhare vs. cMagni vs. Jade vs. Phileas vs. cKhagan?


I feel in a bit of a pickle right now.

  • Dilemma #1:

I currently have enough mats to ascend two heroes - 1 Red and 1 Green.
The red choices are Elena (costume) or Khagan (costume).
The green choices are Jade or Phileas Fogg.
The problem is that my 2nd dilemma heavily compounds on this dilemma, so please jump down to Dilemma #2 before making a call on dilemma #1 :sweat_smile:

Okey! Did you check out Dilemma #2? Why is it relevant? Because Phileas Fogg is probably the most obvious choice to ascend, right? - but he is a fighter. My dilemma #2 is already dealing with two heroes wrestling for fighter emblems - if Phileas is added to that pool then it’s 3 heroes vying for the same emblems. And ELENA IS ALSO A FIGHTER! omg…

Phileas looks really cool, but I do already have a 3.70 Almur for green elemental down. And my green stack is looking pretty strong already as is: LotL+20, Kingston+20, Frigg+20, Kingston+0, Almur+0.
On the flipside I have been reading that Jade is not really all that impressive, but she is a monk, and I have 1300 monk emblems I could potentially spend on her. So if I did go with Phileas instead, he would not receive emblems (because those go to either Killhare or cMagni for sure), which puts me in a spot where I can’t really tell if Jade might not perhaps be the better choice?

And then the Elena vs Khagan debate is more I think just… maybe wait and see? cKhagan looks really good to me, ngl, but he is slow. He is also a ranger and I do have a lot of spare ranger emblems he could potentially get. Is he worth it, you think?

  • Dilemma #2:

I have Killhare at 4.80 and Magni (costume) at 4.80, but only around ~1000 fighter emblems. They are both fighters, so obviously I have to pick one of them. I am really struggling on making that decision. I kind of think Killhare? But… I don’t know, costume Magni looks good.
So basically who to emblem; Killhare vs. costumed Magni?

I guess that’s it.

Fighter emblem battle: Killhare vs. cMagni vs. cElena vs. Phileas Fogg.
Ascension battle: cElena (no emblems) vs. cKhagan (+emblems) // Jade (+emblems) vs. Phlieas Fogg (no emblems)

brain explodes :ghost:

Elena is also slow. Khagan after recent buffs is a pretty solid hero even without costume. If you have lots of ranger emblems you should without a doubt go for Khagan.

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Uncostumed Khagan is a very strong hero and rush battles are his true habitat, I would ascend Kagan and Phileas Fogg.

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c.Khag and Jade, if you are definitely ascending one of each.

Red Reasoning: assuming you’re looking for a rush red, can’t really justify Elena over Khag given your emblem issue. Khag has sturdy stats and hits like a truck.

Green Reasoning: Unless you plan on ridding Kingston of emblems, P.Fogg (don’t get me wrong, he’s awesome) will not improve your defense, attack or titan hits significantly enough over your current green roster to warrant ascension in my eyes. Not 100% saying ascend Jade, but she’d be my choice given your (especially emblem) predicaments!

Fighter blems, don’t think you’ll be mad at whoever gets them out of c.Mag and Killhare, I guess whoever fits into your war defense or will improve one of your attack squads. 1st world problems :wink:

I would go for Kaghan and Ph. Fogg.
Khagan after the buff is a decent hitter and he generates mana for himself and his neighbours. So effectively he is only slow at the beginning of a battle. After he fired his special he becomes medium or fast depending on troop. Jade is a big failure. What do you get when you emblem a failure - an emblemed failure. All the ham and iron wasted on her. P. Fogg on the other side could substitute your Almur on attack. In some situations a non emblemed 4* does not survive long enough to make a difference.

Sometimes you need firepower , e. g. facing war teams with 3 or more healers.


Having enough emblems of a kind is not always a reason to ascend a hero. Jade even doesn’t deserve the ascension mats as she’s right now. If you want to test her, take her to 3.70 and then decide if you want to go on with this (useless) ninja. So I’d go with Fogg without a doubt.

Regarding red, I really like Khagan, even though he doesn’t get so much love. He hits really hard and the costume is a plus. Besides, if you have problems with fighter emblems, then he would be my choice.

Between Killhare and C. Magni, I’d give emblems first to Killhare, but it depends on the synergy you could find with the rest of your roster.


What @Silencio said. Echoing…

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Awesome thanks!

I will emblem Killhare over magni, and I will definitely ascend Khagan. I did try him out a few times even at 3.70 and he is surprisingly good already.

As for green I can see Phileas being more value overall, since even without emblems he will be a good replacement for Almur, or maybe even the duplicate Kingston.

Thanks a ton, this has helped me a lot! :heart:


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