Wrongs and privileges

I almost reached level 59 and so far I have received 15 five-stars heroes. Anyone who passet level 50 in my alliance has received more than 20. Why?

Money money money ££££ €€€€


In all honesty to answer your question, you would seriously need to compare time spent in the game, use of things like TC20, hero pull rates and money spent by each individual…


Thanks for replies. Anyway some of my allies have not spent any money. I don’t understand, I resign myself

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Not necessarily :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve been playing since December 2018 and have barely spent on the game (max £30 over the years), and I have 24 5*s. A patient f2p/c2p can essentially become as strong as a p2w, just takes longer to do so.

I was a Uni student at the time but even now that I’m working, I choose not to spend on the game. Just my preference, but it hasn’t held me back except not getting the very best 5*s that players spend lots to summon. And that’s their decision, and I suppose they deserve to be stronger.


That’s great for you :+1: the op has been playing for less than four years though, that’s my guess at lvl 59

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Spending money gives you more chances to snag a 5*. As in you get to summon more.

However it doesn’t mean that you will get more 5* if you spend more. RNG has to favour your summons for you to get a 5*.

Example :

Buddy does a 1x ToL coin pull. FREE! Gets a 5* TOL HOTM that he will never level up.

I do 17x. 1x free. 16x paid. Zero.

My point is : RNG is cruel, very cruel. I used to get upset. Now I just shrug.

Spend less or set a budget that works for you. If it’s your turn, you will get a 5*. No guarantee if it’s a vanilla or a hottie yah.


luck plays a large part, the chances to get a 5* are really low.

hope you get better luck soon…

for non-spenders, training camp 20 is the best source for 5*. I had 3 running for a while, and got many of the S1 5* from there.


Because they spend more than you
There luckier than you
They have TC20 running
They have HA10 running

I know ! Ask your Alliance???

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People love to brag about luck…
Maybe they think they can redefine small percentages with pictures of their pull.

Here is the truth…
People bragging about the money they win from a casino never talk about how much money they spent.

You bear witness to a powerful business strategy:
Free Advertising of lucrative portals
via fellow claims about… luck

You can recognize a true non-spender by their multitudes of 4* mats and S1 dupes without costume. The mats pile-up as they wait for the mystical magical RnG to deliver anything other.
Which… for me was a single Blabur last year.
Other more dedicated F2P who are extraordinarily generous with their Time . .
Can farm up a couple more new legendary’s.
Otherwise, they learn to play with 4*, which is the exciting new content they have slightly greater access to.

Watch the video contained in this thread:

A true non spender averages 2 of those gem pulls a year! You can zoom-in to see the man behind the curtain and zoom-out to see the wizard of Oz.
It’s all there!


I get ya!!! I’m at lvl 45/45 & only have 7 5* heroes, but, I’m not chasing them nor spending to get them nor am I lucky at summons. I do use my Lvl 20 training camps to get them, it takes time, but worth it & I’ve been playing for 11 months now, I was just patient…lol. Still no mana troops though!!!

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the more players are disappointed with this game, the developers are getting stingy with players who have spent a lot of money

I think to properly qualify you have to gratuitously boast in every single current portal post, saying: “With just two pulls…”. While scores of whales with tears pouring down their faces, all sob in unison…

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L56 with 14nos 5s.

  1. 1st 5 months improper play until L29 won 1st 5s (with only 5nos 4s during that time).
  2. never research until 9 months playing time, all skills gained during playing
  3. summon and TC13 and TC20s’ luck are not impressive.