Wrong Type of Currency

Before filing a support ticket, I just want to feel the pulse here if anyone has experienced in the game where the currency involved is not anymore in your country’s money but the currency of a different country. If so, what did you do?

I have an issue since the currency involved when I visit the Shop or tap the in-game gem offers is not anymore in Philippine Peso but in PLN (Polish zloty). I have never been in Europe, especially more so since this pandemic has erupted. And this just occurred a few hours ago. I have already closed all apps and rebooted my phone but the problem still persists. I think I am being hacked.

The in-game currency isn’t actually managed in the game.

It’s set by Google Play or Apple account.

Try checking your settings etc there & changing the passwords and whatnot if you’re concerned.


Thanks for the reply, @Guvnor. But I havent tinkered in my Google Play account and when I checked it a few hours ago, my currency remains to be in Philippine Peso, not in any other foreign currency. I have already requested the support ticket and awaiting their response.

Sorry for your concerns dude. Seems like someone got lazy or clocked out for the shift.

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Hi I have a bug in my game. The currency it is showing to me is Thai Bhat whereas I am from India the currency should be INR. The issue happened today after my VIP expired. Kindly fix it.

Hi @Madhur; see above for suggestions on what you can do.

@Guvnor Thank you for the reminder.

I just re installed the game and now everything is back to normal… So try doing that… It should work for you too…

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@Madhur I will try that later. I wont be able to download since my mobile data will be depleted unless I am at home where I can use my WIFI.

Hi @Ultra, I know this might not help in your quest for a solution of your current plight, my currency is in USD, but about 2 years ago I travelled to Taiwan for about 3 weeks, and during that time I connected to the local Wifi / Mobile and the currency in the Play Store has since then changed to TWD. It remained that way until I returned to my residence in the U.S. for weeks. I couldn’t figure out how to change it back to USD, even after connecting to my local area networks.

My thought process was that it was because when I was playing the game in Taiwan, and the game had an update while I was there, so I connected to the Play Store locally to receive the update. So after a few more searches of no avail, I tried and logged out my my Google Play Store setting here in the U.S. from within the game (you know the pro-longed non-log in will trigger the Darklord screen telling you your heroes are not safe one) and then logged back in from settings, that actually changed the currency back to USD for me.

That link was to a post originally posted by me, but you had said you didn’t travel in your original post, so I am not sure if it would help or not. But I hope you find your solution, perhaps it’s just like @Madhur suggested, reinstall the game to see if helps.


@Shohoku79 Thanks for sharing. So I got 2 alternative solution to try with.

I uninstalled and re-installed it. To no avail.


I did log out in-game to let the Dark Lord appear, warning me of possible progress loss. But still to no avail.

Well, at least the game itself is forcing me to stop spending entirely. Fair enough.

Everyone, I uninstalled and re-installed the game for the third time. I can now see my country’s currency in-game. Now it’s working perfectly fine, except with this undispellable Facebook icon above the chat icon.

@Guvnor @littleKAF @DaveCozy @Rook Please close this thread. Thank you so much.


I live in USA, We deal in $ here, so why this popup???

@Rohn Please check the currency when going to the Shop. If it also states in Pounds instead of the US$, then I had that kind of issue, which was corrected after I uninstalled and re-installed the game in the third attempt.

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