Wrong translation event cards

Hi @Petri
Found a little grammar mistake.
The correct spelling is “bereits” not bereitst. Wrong at all event cards…

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Not just the event cards … old cards and game features got wrong translations to other languages.
Many posted including my self but nothing changed in months.

I wonder how the translations are being done.
Are those done by volunteers because I can hardly imagine that staff has knowledge of all the supported languages.
Maybe Google translate is used?

Don’t know how they translate but this looks like a typing error which was copied to the other cards.

In Arabic its not just typos.
There is huge mistakes that makes players feed a 4☆ heroes cause the discreption says they -34% of the attack of their allies !!
Like Skettlies.
Also on the VIP discreption it says you have to be gay to get bounc gems ROFL.

Złe tlumaczenie umiejętności bohaterów Vampirów its same in Polish. I make topic and no1 didnt answer.

Wow. That is really bad. I remeber we (the Forum) suggested to open a thread for translations only. Maybe I should create a new topic at Ideas and Features for that…but I am afraid noone would give their rare votes for it. Maybe a poll? So devs can see that the Forum is willing to help them if enough participate…

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Well. I opened a poll


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