Wrong titan loot

Are you guys ONLY seeing this issue while doing Merc runs? Unless I missed something, that seems to be the case.

Are you suggesting thats all intended to nerf mercs without notice?

I’m not mercing at the moment.
I’m playng in my ally and the titan chest is active but get the bug anyway on last titan. we’ll see the next one

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Is this the correct tier of loot for an A+ placement and a 6* titan? Seems pretty darn weak but idk. (my username is Rancid Plague as below). Thank you for your comments.

Yes, A+ on a 6 star Titan should be loot tier 9 (IX).

Thank you @havok333! (I was hoping it was a glitch as the loot haul isn’t anything to write home about! :-))

Hello! I have a problem, I received only the 3rd rank of rewards while killing 6* titan. I didn’t get any gems! Please, clear this issue and give me the 6th rewards’ rank!

What were you expecting to get, and what did you get, exactly? Did you get fewer rolls than you should have?

I have to get at least 2 gems and 1 item from the forge

It’s been ages since I got a 6* (we do 9*), so I don’t recall the typical prize package, nor how much it varies.

Any 6* slayers want to weigh in on this?

you’d only get loot tier 3 on a 6 star if the titan escaped. i have no idea what the non roman alphabet translates to but if it says defeated then it looks like a bug where they got escaped loot tier for a defeated titan. looks like he needs a support ticket if that’s he case.

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As Dante says, perhaps you need to contact support.

Here are the latest instructions for doing so (please click the link to see the whole article):


Translation: To me for titanium 8* also give a bad loot but this is not a reason for the disorders and the rank is higher!


Thanks! I’ll try it now

This is the norm for me. -_-’

I need the string. I’ll give you something for it… :wink:

I have the same issue. I already submitted a report. My guess is that this is happening pretty often, just that everyone already think the loot is crap. An A grade on a 7* should get me tier 9 loot but I got tier 4 loot


Yep same problem here :confused: