Wrong talent calculation of Tiburtus?

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I just noticed the “increase defense by 3” talent is calculated incorrectly. See below screenshots - Tiburtus has 669 points defense. 669 * 3% = 20.07. Then why is the increase only 18 points?

It looks like it goes on his natural defense of 633. 3% of 633 rounds to 18


Those calculations are always based on the “natural” number of the hero (fully leveled and before the talent tree bonuses)

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The natural defense of Tiburtus is 633

So close to not being robbed of 1 defense :wink:


I support what the others have said. As you can see that even though my Tiburtus has less defense than yours, his 3% Increase still shows 18. So it supports the theory that the percentage increase is calculated based on the his natural defense.

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Well, after upgrading him I didn’t remember what his “natural” defense points were. Then maybe the talents description can be better worded so it does not create confusions.
And also as @Schemerlamp pointed out - 633 * 0.03 = 18.99. Why is this rounded down?

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