Wrong scoring on Alliance War & Incorrect battle timer visualisation

This needs to be fixed. Several members defeated their opponents for a Zero score. I timed out with only one hero left on the opposing team and got a Zero score.
This is pathetic.

Just attacked a team. All but 4 dead. Time ran out. I got a zero. Complete bug. Cost us a war victory. Absolute cheat

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67.1.0 version
Build 2282

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Regardless of the update it cost the team a loss. One player in this string at least got an apology and some loot. There’s 60 of us on here which means this probably happened to 10 times that many. Nice of the devs to at least respond smh

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So… This is still an issue with a core mechanic of one of the key elements of the game, yet we can get a second “balance” update this month that does nothing but unbalance the game further (as usual).

Clear to see where priorities lie.

Clear to see the game won’t get any more of my money. It’s gotten too much already. :upside_down_face:

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They quickly apologized for Atwood and the keys on the island. And then there is silence. Apparently silence is the winning tactic of the developers.

Das Problem ist schon so lange bekannt und trotzdem existiert es immernoch. @EmpiresPuzzles Was ist los mit euch? Schämt ihr euch nicht langsam extrem?
The problem has been known for so long and yet it still exists. @EmpiresPuzzles What’s wrong with you? Aren’t you starting to feel extremely ashamed?

I don’t see anything about this bug in the v68 release notes (Version 68 Release Notes and Status)

Is this still an issue? I haven’t timed out to test it, but I will try in the midweek war if it won’t cost our alliance one way or the other.

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This is pretty weak if they didnt address this in v68