Wrong rounding

Iron counter (and I guess meat too) in the bars rounded mathematically, I guess. That is wrong for economic indicators. Look at the screen shot…

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They can’t put decimals or the full number there in there, it would be too much cluster on the home screen because it would be too long. So my guess is that if someone has 147,955 iron stored it will show up as 148k. Technically, it’s not wrong but that difference is very little and if you wait a few minutes and manually collect your iron from the mines, you should be able to make up that difference. :slight_smile:

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I hate when that happens. Or when I have 99x Atlantis coins or 5x yellow 4* darts.

I mostly agree.

The Devs tends to round down.

Games tend to use stat curves instead of tables.

So it is probably something like 148,650 iron in storage and 148,800 iron needed for next node.

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Yup, that also makes sense. Because in all other aspects of the game they love to round down. :slight_smile:

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