Wrong raid tournament loot

I received wrong loot in the weekly raid tournament.
I was in top 1%, but received top 5% rewards…

Same here

Well, I have the same problem. Got rewards for 5%, but it should be 1% :frowning:

Why are you guys saying you didn’t get 1% loot?

1% only has a 25% chance of getting 100 Emblems. 75% chance of getting 50 Emblems.

Check mine, that is not too 1% loot :joy:

So there was no other loot if you scrolled to the left or right??? What ur showing is all you got?

Typically there is more loot if you scroll left or right. There should be a 3star ascension and other things. Is that all you got was 4 items?

As You see, on tournament menu it’s “1%” and on the reward menu it’s “top 5%”. :slight_smile: Maybe thats why we’ve posted that :slight_smile:

Have you rechecked? My score is now saying top 5% when I re-entered the game. There’s a glitch somewhere :joy:

Yup…it’s as you said

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