Wrong purchase by accident

I have a question.
This Day was the offer again for 4 EHT’s for 5,xx Euro. I purchased it 2 times. The Third Time i wanted to purchase this, i accidently purchased the big offer for over 100€.

A few Seconds later i relised it and asked for refund on playstore.
I know it will be granted because 48H did not passed.

So, i know in this case all items from the big offer will be removed from my account aswell.

But now comes the Question.
The big offer had also 5 EHT’s and i accidently used them with my other EHT’s.

So what will happen ? I play this game a few years now and nothing happened like that before.
Can a Mod awnser this question please ? Or @Petri or @Staff_SGG

Sorry I’m not a mod but I fear for you that you might be in a negative gem situation :disappointed:


I’m not a mod, but I suspect you will find yourself in negative gems up to the “value” of what you erroneously used (presumably 1500 gems), and have a limited time to get your balance up to zero. If you already had enough gems, they would just be deducted. If you don’t get up to zero before time runs out, you would be banned.


When they remove everything from the big offer i still have 1642 Gems.

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If you make A wrong perches you shouldn’t use anything in that offer as sgg can refund your money back and take the stuff back no issues.
I have no idea how much they will charge you for using the tokens as there isnt like a sheet of info saying what is worth what… In gems …
As mentioned they will take it out of yah gems you still may have to spend to get your gems out of a negative or not …


This here is likely the situation you will face.

Each ticket should cost the same as doing a gem portal summon.

Just take care not to use any of the other items like flasks and such.


So say eht is 300 gems yeah they have used 5 1500 gems should be the minimumal of gems taken …

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I accidentally kept replaying Return to Morlovia then accidentally used the 35 extra tabbards I received.


Like i said i only used the 5 EHTs from the offer by accident ( with my other EHT’s ). Nothing else.
So 300 Each = 1500 Gems. i have that much if they remove the 10000 Gems.
I did not use anything else.

Can @Petri or @Staff_SGG say something to that. Would apriciate that, really.

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The cheap deal is 4EHT and 1ETT

yeah right, but doesnt matter.

SGG will dock what you have used from the purchase that you requested for a refund.

5 EHT = 1500 gems.
Each EHT equivalent to 300 gems.

If you have enough gems, good. Don’t use anything else from that purchase.

If you find yourself in negative gem balance, be sure to top up your gem bank till it is no longer negative. Asap.

Think the grace period is 14 days.

You should receive a message with that deduction from your gem bank. For the 5x EHT.

Way too many “accidents” for you not to accept responsibility for them


Just dont use any stuff included in accidental purchase, otherwise you will end up with more negative gems and then after few days SG gives about 13 days to get postive gem account or account gets permanently banned. I have experienced this thing , and end up spending more to get postive gems . So be careful next time …

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Staff is off as it the weekend wont be back till Monday … In your support ticket that you have already sent maybe say you have used the 5 Eht and ask if they know how much in gems it will cost you.


Thanks for all the answers.
Like i said i purchased 2 times the 4 EHT offer, and the last time was the big offer i accidently purchased.
And i only used the 5 EHT’s from the big offer because i forgot in the big offer are EHT’s involved. I used them with my other EHT’s. Than i realised 5 EHT’s came from that big offer.

I know after refund everything from the big offer will be removed from my account.
Even than i have 1642 gems left, so i think i should be fine when SG charges 1500 Gems for the 5 EHT’s i used. So i dont have negative Gems on my account.

Sorry english is not my main language.

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Quite likely this will have a happy ending then. Just be patient and let Support get around to fixing this.

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i really really hope so.

It should be 300 gems for a eht as that is the in game cost … I wouldnt be surprised if you was charged a bit more …yeah you shouldn’t be charged anymore but just saying you could be.

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Yes accidentally….

I accidentally had a similar issue.

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