Wrong player "weight" in the alliance score


Anyone knows how a player “value” is calculated?

I have a really “weak” team mate which has a 53 war score while my score is 51.

This is a roster valued as 51 points: HeroPlan.io

And this is a roster valued as 53 points:

What am I missing?

If you’re meaning your value for being taken out in a attack it is based on proportion of the total health of your team against the total health of all your teams heroes. So things linke having bulkier heroes vs snipers and more crit troops can make a lower tp worth more points in war.

Whereas if you mean your contribution towards the alliance war score part of alliance score ( the part made up of trophy score, alliance score and war score) it is weighted to top 30 heroes and top 5 troops plus individual performance.


Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. How much a defensive weights.


It still cannot be compared.

My team - Nexus - vs my team mates team, including the troops.

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Cool I’ll post a screenshot example. Later of effect of crit troop. Going into meetings this morning


Please see the updated comment above.

Add all the HP of the heroes in yours and your teammates war defense. Horghall might easily outweigh your snipers, hence this team might be worth more points.
Oh, you ask, whether this is a good system for calculating the points? :zipper_mouth_face:


I’m asking: why this weak team weight more points than my strong team?

Horghall has 1617 HP and my Frosth has 1527 - including the troop.

Total HP (without troops):

Mine: 7342 HP
His: 7354 HP

I suspect that having healers adds to the points. The logic being healers/revivers increase the survivability of that team :shrug:


you need to add the troops. he’s fielding three crit troops (you one), that’s probably a nice boost to his total HP points. when you both respawn just sum all the green numbers above your heroes, and he will have more Hp points than you, like he already has even without the troops.


You’ve got your answer right there, his team have a higher hp than yours, so are worth more points


Exactly. It’s always been this way, which is why I and many others go for Def nodes over health if they are going to be in the war Def team otherwise you are just making a target for yourself to be a weak team with a high kill reward. Another reason why mana troops are better than crit (for most cases) in war defence.

Agreed with the above that it might not be the best system, but it is the way it works.

@Nexus1254 you should be happy you have a “low” points available for your team given its relative strength. The other person’s team is now an easy farming target however because the opposition can get good points against a relatively weak team.


It’s also why Critical troops aren’t as good in war as Mana troops.

It’s a bit counter-intuitive as you would think making your lower TP teams have more survivability would be a smart way to give your opponents more trouble potentially.

But war defence points doesn’t care about TP…only overall health and Crit troops do give a healthy boost to that. Issue is you end up with a weaker overall team giving more points up for the kill.

It takes a while to convince people in your alliance to switch the Crit troops out sometimes but overall they don’t actually help. A bit more health on a 4200 team is just giving more points, not more hassle.


Thank you all for the replies! :relaxed:

What about the player value? About those best 30 heroes, the best troops?

Do they only count for the alliance war score? …and that’s it?!

Yep. Just that.

The score on the day is just 1500pts split across however many players and then weighted on total health.


Well appears I don’t need to grab screenshots anymore which is a good thing :rofl: :upside_down_face: Been reviewing deceased details most of the day and my eyes have gone bleary, doubt I’d make sense


Thank you all! :kissing:


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Surround your extra text by < and the opposite character next to each other on the keyboard) and fill the interspace with mumbo jumbo. (pro tip). :slightly_smiling_face:

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