Wrong path

I was typing in alliance chat for a while, when all of a sudden the game disconnected me due to “inactivity” WTF is that?! I was typing in game chat! What inactivity are you talking about?! … made me think… How nice of SG to care for the quality of our game! We have new paywalled OP heroes released every given chance, but we get to use the same old crappy alliance chat from three years ago, that looses the written unsend lines every time we leave it and disconects us while typing… Nice going SG… nice touch… keep showing us how much you care…

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I had that issue since 2019, especially when typing and editing long message in the in-game chat, or crafting strategies, etc. My resolution is to type that same message in Line or other built-in feature of your mobile phone before copy-pasting it in the in-game chat.


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