Wrong Matchmaking in AW

Hi, i’m writing to ask and unterstand how it was possibile to match our Ally with 7DD. A lot of alliance points different, too many discrepancy between team heroes power. We are 29 player, against 30.
Ok, it will be funny to challenge 7DD but matchmaking gone wrong.

Could someone explain me please ?

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Same here, twice the number of guild power, our highest ranked are at the bottom of the list of current AW, it can’t be called matchmaking, to random and I can’t see any sens in this.

First thing to know is what the current matching is based on.


Since June 1, published matching is based on:

  • The best five heroes in hero roster of each Alliance member
  • Player count of the alliance

More info can be found here.

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I’m looking into this.

We are very out matched as well. Comparing the lower half of our team to theirs we don’t stand a chance.

The case for @pedu is very clear. He also told the name of the alliance, which (unsurprisingly) tends to be quite helpful.

@Janusz and @Rage please tell the exact names of your alliances too. This thread should not be about War Balancing in general - I just want to double check that my theory about this specific problem is correct.

Our is Raging Titans and our opponent is Buntownicy PL

Mine Alliance is called Pawel i Beata and we’re fighting against IndoArmyEmpires, thank’s for looking into this :slight_smile:

Sure… I’m surprized in matchmaking with 7DD due to the new matching rules… So much difference between five heroes roster… And troops?

Ok, so I checked “Pawel i Beata” and “Raging Titans”. Their match is ok based on the rules they got in the AB test. This is the part that we are still working on and here is plenty of discussion about it in Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)

However, the case of “inSanidimente” is very interesting. This is a corner-case where 7DD was matched near the end, and your alliance was the best one that hadn’t been matched yet. This problem doesn’t affect 99.99% of the matches but it is a valid problem and I apologize for that.

I’ve created a separate ticket about considering how to avoid a case like this in the future. I’ll leave the thread open, but will consider it closed myself, i.e. will not be commenting more here.


@mhalttu it would make sense to start the matching from the top down, since the the distribution is like a pyramid (few at the top, more in a certain power band as you go down).


That’s a gross underestimation of the problem. This happens all over the place and it is why more alliances are starting to boycott wars entirely.

He’s not saying that there aren’t matching issues, he’s saying that THIS particular issue only happened because of the order of matching…If they start top down or something like that, this won’t pop up again…

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Because it may be more likely to see here - it would be good to know what a reasonable outcome is in the Devs mind. We’ve lost 3 of the last 4 but 600 or so on 4k scores. I don’t know if this is a-ok by the ‘standard’ or not. My alliance seems ok with it. I’m sure other would not.

a 600 point war difference is a very even matchup that could have gone either way.


Is it the best top 5? Because Petri said it was top 30 best hero’s in each players roster. Alliance Wars Matchmaking (Discussion & Developer Response)

It’s chanced since the top 30, it was top 5 at some point atleast. Not sure which it is now :smiley:

Yeah the most recent one says top 30. I’m glad they post the link to view it.

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Ah, it’s likely that then :slight_smile:

Aginst “seven days departed”!! Poor Pedu. Ever checked Zero in Special quests? He is unstoppable…good luck!

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