Wrong loot numbers (Less then half listed)

I’ve noticed since Knights of Avalon, that I may be awarded over +10 items for finishing a level.
Yet if I check out my inventory between each level, I will often see less then half the items showing as “new”. This count does not include looking at number of emblems or loot tickets.

This was happening prior to new version for Android, and continues with newest version. OS 8.1

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Hi @greyduck46, welcome to the forum.

Are you able to post any screenshots that might show us what the problem might be?

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I think the “new” only is given for 3/4* items, they don’t put new above 1/2* items in your inventory


If you use 5 items and are awarded 10 of the same item, then inventory will show +5.

Here is an example from from tonight.

As I pointed out earlier, 1 & 2* items are deemed too common to be worthy of a notification. If you take a before and after screenshot of your inventory you’ll see they’ve been added

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