Wrong Gifting At Player Leveling

The fourt time I run into this.
Level increase of a player does not happen every day. Therefore I’m sad running multiple time into the situation, I do not get no rewards even the game tries to do so.
Easy to recognize, as E&P gives no energy flasks as a gift but points.
“Energies are refilled”, it tells and adds 6 to my full raid points of 6, adds 3 of my full titan fight points of 3 and fills up my world energie points from (e. g.) 30 to 36…
Yepp, you cannot exceed 6/3/xx energy points, therefore you get practically nothing.
Yes, it is my “fault”, I should take care about my energies, just I do not understand why do we get reward POINTS instead of energy flasks?

I hope every player will agree, energy flasks as gift would be better.
Of course E&P could enable the extension of these energy points by a player levelling, flasks but are much easier, isn’t it?
Your opinion about?

I wouldn’t put it in exactly those terms, but yes, Levelling up at the optimum time is part of the strategy of the game.


“Also sprach Zarathustra”

Yeees, I love it calling a bug (sg. not OK) a feature. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I mean, to control your raid points to be zero, AND control your titan energy to be zero AND do the last action before leveling at almost zero world energy is an easy task while giving energy flasks as a gift is an-impossible-to-realize-action.
OK, I do understand. Thanks at all.

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I think most players try to use their level ups to refill titan energies. My last level up I was ready to level but our titan was dead. So I waited until the next morning, used my titan and raid flags and only used 10 WE before leveling.

Long story short-yes I would prefer flasks rather than refills. Then you could level whenever and still make use of all the energies.

Hey SG - this would also mean more playing! An easy way to get us to spend a little more time in-game.


In general I use my loot tickets to burn all my world energy when I know I will level up. I needed 400xp to level up to 62 yesterday. I used 8 loot tickets on 8-7 to burn up my energy and level at the same time


It’s not hard at all to have everything at zero when you level.

Raids give no xp. Titans hits give no xp.

For world energy use loot tickets to use up your energy when you level, you then get refilled from zero and effectively get a few free rolls more than just leveling normal


Some excellent suggestions in this thread to prevent wasting WE and Raid/Titan flags.

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I also always level when a titan is up and just after I have used my last titan flag. Gives 3 extra hits without having to flask.

If you just need 1000 XP to get to the next level, you titan flags are showing 3/3, the next titan will appear 4 hours later, and you do not want to go for the raid (I mean to raid is not mandatory, isn’t it? :slight_smile: ) then I think the case is very disturbing.
Not to tell about, if you are using loot tickets and you forget to think about leveling. I’m sure, if it happens to you once-in-your-life you’ll agree: s****t!

As the solution is easier than easy, I do not understand why people just try to explain, everything is OK and player shall punished if they are lost in something else before a player leveling…

OK, what about if your titan flags are 3/3 and the next titan will appear 4 hours later? Mandatory/forced stop?
Funny. Yes.

It really seems like there is nothing in this game that you like. Every thread I have seen from you is a complaint. Can you tell us what you do like about the game? Why do you keep playing?


Auto-farm Seadon 1 Plains of Corellia or Rathwood or even higher stages depending how far away you are from leveling. I do it for cheap ascension items and feeder heroes. It’s better than nothing, and the Field Energy doesn’t get wasted. This was from a while back, but I edged it as close as possible…

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Give priority to the Titan Flags, but again, if you have the points to burn from Field Energy, do it in Season 1 Provinces 1 & 2.

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Yes. You can either wait 4 hours for the titan, farm low levels until you’re really close to leveling, or if you’re too impatient to wait four hours, decide to lose the titan flags.

Managing resources is part of the game. Resources include not only your ham/iron/gems/materials but also your energy. It’s up to you to decide what’s the most efficient use of each.


OK, I but still asking, would it be bad to get flasks instead of points? Be so kind to tell this to me.

I understand every workaround just I do not know why shall we take care about this, about that if the real problem could be solved the easiest way to everybody’s advantage?

You are the people they would never say YES to a really good improvement (*), just because you mean, the old things are best and they shall not be changed, because you already implemented a procedure preventing you to do mistakes.
In reality, dozens and more dozen people forget to think about this as it happens very, very rarely and when they did it they are angry and frustrated.

Just tell me one argument why flasks were not 100000x better than these points? Please.
Just because you could no more punish those “bastards” they do not manage their resources as you defined yourself?

The most efficient use of each is if I can decide (repeat: if I can decide) when my titan/raid/WE points are refilled. Not you and not E&P.

(And please be aware this is not written in English, this is Hunglish, before you make again fun of my grammar and vocabulary. :-))

NPKY: Really only because APátok suggested it.

first: very close to flagg-a-ton. peace man
second: this game is about managing and economy and min-maxing. we can change everything to hit play and the system level up our heroes, decide wich one to promote, etc, very user friendly, but thats not what we like, sorry. Flasks are hugely powerful, you just cant give them up, and of course. SG wants to make money, and the need to in order to keep the game working, and your solution is against it.
Sorry, my English is quite bad too. cheers and happy gaming!

First: You do not know the history, some angry people made fun of my English earlier as they had no more arguments. More, anything I suggested, they voted against, surely just because I did it. This is because they lost a debate which they couldn’t digest. Go for the big raid discussion “Raids are unfair…” to see, they can never accept other people’s truth if it is agains their notion. Then they start a personal attack because of their anger. They weren’t used to opposing them.

To your point of view, I do not feel getting flasks instead of points is against making money. Exactly the opposite, as other people mentioned it too.
If I need to wait 4 hours for the next titan just to use the 3 available titan flags means, I do not play 4 hours. This is absolutely against their own portenmonnaie as no play means no money.

@APatok, I understand what you are saying. You are essentially suggesting that since World Energy, Raid Energy, and Titan Energy reset anyways when you level up, you’d like to see it where at a “Level Up” the player is rewarded with a flask each for World Energy, Raid Energy, and Titan Energy to be used at the player’s discretion, so that the player doesn’t have to spend time waiting for the right time to sync the usage of all three of the energies before leveling up. I get it. I don’t see anything wrong with the idea. I mean, you’re getting your energies refilled anyways, so why not?


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the idea either. I just don’t think it’s likely to ever happen, because SG can monetize the flasks. I offered a workaround precisely because I don’t think they’ll change it, so at least it wouldn’t be such a hassle for you.

By the way, I wasn’t the individual who made fun of your English. I actually defended you for that. Your English is definitely better than my French, German, or Hungarian. I just pointed out your incessant complaining.


If E&P will not give flasks, OK, then this only reward could be added up to the momentary available numbers even they exceeds the maximum.
I take a bet it is easy to do.