Wrong Costume Fenrir Skill Animation?

So there’s a major difference between Fenrir and Costume Fenrir’s skill animation. Was this intended?

Fenrir skill animation (Gargantuan Bite):

Costume Fenrir skill animation (Colossal Bite):

Costume Fenrir’s is just a regular slash and not an actual bite animation. The original animation fits the skill description better albeit longer.

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The original animation is one of my favorites in the game, worth my Scopes all day. Hope the Costume animation gets buffed! Maybe they can add blood to it.

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Mine too!
People say that Fenrir is trash and curse when they pull him, while I would take him just for his special skill animation. (I love everything about him).
How can a wolf be truly a wolf without its colossal bite?


Yeah I hope they correct it and make the animation bloody red

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That is weird. Other costumes use the original hero SS animation, even when it doesn’t match the new SS :rofl:. I guess this one just accidently got the generic hit animation and they will need to fix it. Kind of funny though…

I’ll pass it on 20 bites

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Thank you for the report, we’ll investigate this issue here.


Bump. Please buff the C Fenrir animation :grimacing: :innocent: would love if it was at least the same as the original card.

Yeah I hope this will be included in V58

So I’ve seen this Petri guy say “we’ll investigate” in two consecutive threads (via search) and there has been no resolution or response. Is this normal? New here, only been playing for two months.

So far no news yet if this was intended or a miss

Usually they do not share the result of the investigaiton.
We just see that this is fixed or not in Release notes in #news-announcements category.

Got it. Thanks @PlayForFun

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Thank you.

I think it’d be more productive to jump back in the thread and provide a quick update as opposed to closing it. It also helps keep tabs on the items you want to address. Your team’s intensions might be good, and it’s important players know that.

By browsing the boards, it’s clear that there are paying customers who have issues with how things are handled. Lack of transparency is the common denominator from what I’ve come across.

Food for thought. Cheers.