Wrong Advanced Stone Construction If Combining 6


Everybody knows, if you combine 4 stones in line, you get a dragon, with 5 a diamond stone.
It works fine, except you are combining 6 (!) stones. This is possible, if the last moved stone fills a line with 4 in one direction, three but in the other. Then you get only the diamond for 5 stones not but the dragon stone for the also created 4-in-line.
I think it is a bug and would be happy having this repaired by E&P Team.
Do you agree?

Er… Hummm…
And if you combine 7 stones (also possible) or sometimes 8,9, 10 or even more during some cascade,
What should we get?

My answer for your post is I think it’s working as intended, and as it should in my opinion.


Sorry… I’m speachless… just plain speachless…


A skull would be great, that clears its whole line and column.


Ha ha ha, you never can combine more than 7 stones.
Even with 7 you have a 5 line and a 3 line, first gets a diamond the second nothing as well.

Then why do you waste your valuable time?

You can… In a cascade… But nvm

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You can never combine yourself more than 7 stones, this is we are talking about. Pushing (lifting) cascades does not give anything at all, correctly.
Btw. what is your problem getting a dragon skull more while combining 6 stones? Does it hurt you?

you’re the one who asked
I gave my opinion…

In cascade combining 5 stones or + give you a diamond…

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I would think you can’t use a stone (gem) in more than one construction so you’d get a diamond OR a dragon. The diamond is generally more useful.

Obviously not a bug etc but it would be neat if they introduced some more “special tiles”, wouldn’t it

Yes, I have sometimes made a double stack of 3 in a row (six in a rectangle?) which would be cool to get a bonus for.

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If cascades creates valid combinations, they are valid revarded, not (fully) if you do it yourself. This is the bug, I mean.
Lifting cascades will not create crossed combinations like 4vs3, only in line. 7 in line is one diamond, that’s ok.

In your 4vs3 combo you are using 5 of them to make a diamond. What’s left is two gems, not 4.

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A possible explanation, should be confirmed by E&P, I guess.
5 in a hook (cross) a diamond, 4 in-line a dragon, according to my opinion.

If you play lotto in combination, you also get all revards even the numbers are “used”. We are talking about combination rewards.

In that case 5 in a row should be a diamond plus two dragons.

Edit: which I think is ridiculous.

That’s great in lotto, but this isn’t lotto. E&P was created to give you the highest possible special tile based on the amount of tiles used. Currently (and maybe always), this is the diamond tile.

Also, this isn’t a bug. This is the way it was made. I think you meant to put this in the Ideas And Features category instead of the Bugs & Issues category. This may be causing part of the confusion.

On another note… yes you can, but only in a cascade. You could technically get 7 tiles of the same color across and then several more going vertical and connecting to your 7.

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As this game is based on chances we can surely talk about “lotto”.
My son made two draws at Epic and got “hero of the month” — great prize, isn’t it?
Yes, E&P works NOW, like this, it can be but changed, or not?
You tell, we get the highest possible reward and I tell they forgot the 4-in-line combination. Two meanings they are equal and not wrong.
Would you mind if E&P would made this change? If yes, why arguing against?
This I do not understand.
If I would suggest giving free gems for everyone, I’d surely earn “do not do it, this game is not made like this”. :sob::sob::sob:

With no cascade you can create more than 7 stones of the same colors. I mean in reality. Of course theoretically you can get four or five vertical stones hitting a hole in te first line, having 2 stones lefts and 2 rights of the same color.
Yeah, if you ever get it, run and buy a lotto immediately. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Just bear in mind I talked but about manual combination opening this thread.

Personally I don’t think we need the extra help of multiple combinations. The player on offence already has enough advantage. It’s working fine as is.

Plus it would make the Thanos challenge too easy.


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