🏰 Wren – 4* Nature / Green from Clash of Knights

I’m curious what people think of Wren. In essence she sounds good but I found her damage to be pretty lack luster.

I have her at 4-70 and her initial hit doesn’t go higher than 270 against other 4* heroes. After that it seems every consecutive deals 50% damage as the hit before.

She of course also does atk down but I’m not sure if that justifies giving her emblems.

What do you guys think? Worthy of emblems or use at all?

I’ve used Wren a few times, and the damage is about average for a 4*. I did test Wren with Wilbur and Boldtusk, and Wren did an impressive 1900ish damage. And with both defense downs, the damage was in the 2200s. Wren is definitely worth it. I plan on using 2 in an upcoming tourney

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Interesting! I didn’t even think about the synergy with Wilbur, that’s genius!

I’ll use her both on my defense and offense then :slight_smile: thanks you!

Yeah. With Wilbur giving the opponent a hefty defense down, AND that shared damage buff, Wren will hit the entire team.

So on top of the defense down, they get attack down, while your team gets that defense up. So any attack coming your way will end up being a nudge.

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Target must have a buff

I love her special effect. Almost as fun as Grimble.

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I agree! Except I really really think Wren is a teenage boy!


Naw. She’s a combination of Aife and Marvel’s Squirrel Girl.

Way too much text included which is misleading and not based on facts. expecially on summons.

Hi Co-s! Anybody new experiences? After levelling him I’m not really impressed.

Is Wren perhaps waiting for something to make him/her more effective? I’m thinking Franz.

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I think he does well when paired with other fast Greens like Almur, Caedmon. The thing is his chain attack depends on buffs so won’t be useful in most situations outside of 4* buff booster tournaments.
Maybe when raiding/warring against a defense that is heavy on HoTM family bonus since those are considered buffs.

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A possible synergy I see within 3 and 4* green play is using wren with Dolgoon: his second charge special applies soul link to foes, which counts as a BUFF, allowing wren to chain .

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