🏰 Wren – 4* Nature / Green from Clash of Knights

It’s just very badly written, probably because it’s written by people from Finland, which is understandable, but could be greatly improved

Finley works the same with the same wording.

So most likely the second “if” should read like this:
If the target has buff AND none of the other heroes have buffs…

If it should work like you say (double hits for no buffs), then SG might have written this part in a separate point.

Anyway I agree that the wording is not good and it can be confusing.

Finley’s card:

Anyway, grammar aside, Is he actually any good ?

Hitting everyone [if buffed] at fast sounds pretty usable, but his hits seem a bit under powered

Not sure on hit power yet as I haven’t gotten very far leveling, but pairing him with Wilbur in farming levels has meant he hits everyone as shared damage is a buff.


If you read Wren’s card properly, it goes:

damage to one target
gives attack down
IF target HAS a buff, it will target a random enemy
IF random enemy HAS a buff, it will target another enemy
IF random enemy DOES NOT HAVE a buff, it ends there.
So whatever enemy you target, it will hit it hard. If the enemy that you targeted has no buffs on it (like in farming), that’s all you get from Wren. If the enemy that you targeted had a buff, let the fun begin.

Hope that makes sense on this matter.


There seems to be a mistake in Wren’s description on the forum. He’s classed as ranger, while ingame he’s a Rogue.

Thx for the notification.
I have fixed the OP. I will add the image later for this class.

You are mistaken, sorry.
His consecutive hits will seek out " another enemy with buffs".
It is only random “if none of the other enemies have buffs”

the quotes are from the card text

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No you just can’t read xD you can post as many post as you can that won’t change the text and special

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I think this has been well and truly covered. It’s just really badly written.

Anyway, the more important point is that Wren sucks balls, he hits like a crippled squirrel.

Is Wren any good? I ended with 3 copies of him… and i still have on waitlist Almur and Telthukk.

If you miss other heroes that give elemental defense down or ensure mana control, I stiil think you should do Almur and Tethuck first. Their specials are much more important in different situations I think (Almur increase the damage greatly paired with other green hitters and Tettukh can be a good counter for Alfrike and OP heroes when you cannot kill them from the start).

I already ascended Marcel to the last tier, i think i will go teltuk next and maybe Almur when i gather more shields.

Is wren a better choice to put on defense then the others? Not that im worried about defense, just curious.

Marcel gives regular defense down, Almur gives elemental defense down. The two stack. So if you with Marcel and then with Almur and then with Caedmon or other 4* hitter, that hero is for sure killed.

Not really sure, it depends a lot on your overall roster. My guess is that no, since his attack down is conditional and he does not seem to hit very strong either. But you can experiment with him once you max him, but personally I would not max him before Almur or Tettukh

The wording in his special skill (also FInley) is extremely confusing for me (a non native English speaker). Because from his special skill:

If the target has buffs and is hit → targets another enemy with buffs.
If none of the other enemies have buffs → targets a random enemy.

So if I use his special skill on Target A, who currently has an attack up for example.

He will use his special skill again on one of the four B, C, D, E. (depends on who has buff here)

But if no one from B, C, D or E has buff, he then uses his special skill on a random enemy (be it B, C, D or E, doesn’t matter if they have buffs or not).

So from my understanding, his special skill will always target at least 2 persons, provided that his original target has a buff.

But I guess that is not the case.

That is the case

As long as original target has a buff he will hit atleast one more after

If original target does not have a buff he will only hit that one

We do have an upcoming 4* buff no red tourney in 2 weeks(unconfirmed but based on rotation). I’m working on Wren now for that reason

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Buff booster tourney? For a hero that hunts down targets that have buffs? Count Wren in!

I also got Wren from my pulls last time. However, I noticed that there are only two heroes with the Raven family bonus, so the maximum family bonus for three Raven heroes could not be achieved at the moment. Will more heroes be added to this family soon?

We only faced the Wolf heroes as bosses this Event. Neither Wren nor Aderyn appeared. For the next Clash of Knights, we’ll probably be facing the Ravens which will include new 4* and 5*s

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