Wrecking, deregulation

Developers, I do not know if this is the channel for this complaint or even give an opinion. I think everyone should have opportunities to get heroes and upgrade materials even though you do not see it like that, they did tasks only for those above level 30. I have two accounts and I already invested a lot in the game just to be able to have better heroes, now I ask why when I open special chests I can not get an epic hero’s cap like most, because when I’m the best titan attacker I can not get anything to rise, because when I’m a better attacker in the war I do not win anything, I tried the hero of the month and nothing, just a call. They will probably say that I have many heroes, I have because I invested, they will say that I am not in an alliance, I leave the alliance because of these absurdities.

Obs. I had to use Google Translate.

Well, I don’t find epic hero tokens in chests and titan loots as well…so what now?
The chance to get quite good loots is the same for everyone and not related to level or money spent. It is just luck!


Loot is random for everyone


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