Wow.... the biggest Dutch translationfailure ever by E&P

I was looking what I could get for tournament… and there I saw it… “gelijkspel”… wtf… what is ‘gelijkspel’…

In Dutch it means Remise or Draw.

I went to the English language… aaaaah! Draw!
The Dutch translation is ‘trekking’ . PLEASE CHANGE ASAP!

Translation of what? Got a screenshot?

The chances of getting rewards at the week tournament. And no i can’t make a screenshot… but when you click on the cases you get it…

So hold on - remise means to give, grant or release a claim to. Sounds like a fairly valid synonym. How is this the biggest failure ever?

Skip remise… that’s the Dutch term for draw in chess. Thought it was the English meaning too. Sowwy my bad

Ah, ok. So like draw as in tie.

There is an existing thread for flawed game translations:

[Master] In Game Translation Errors for Foreign Languages - Please add your suggestions - #159 by VFROOD

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