Wow that's it?


I just spent two months beating this game. What did I get for a reward? Some string a mushroom and a flaming rock! Sheesh.


I feel this is a great drop off point. Player should be rewarded greatly for killing the dark lord to give the motivation to continue.


Of all the strange decisions made by devs (and all the good ones) this is to me the most confounding. It is so straightforward, there is a map with progressively harder opponents and finally the epic last battle and then… what? Come on. Just throw in 100 gems or something at least while you figure this out. Maybe a badge to the avatar? A new building would of course be great. Atm I got more from watching the 10 second ad than “finishing” the game.


At least the first time you do it, yes.


Yes I agree with Mai, I would have no issue if the treasure dropped for “repeat plays”. That would make sense to me. :grin:


The loots random everywhere. Since the mission banner was up throughout the game telling you what province and level you had next to clear I guess I expected some gems or something. Nope just a cheesy cartoon and a flaming piece of meteror!


@mhalttu @Petri @RubiKinga I feel this is an issue that needs addressed. There really isn’t a reason players shouldn’t receive something more meaningful after beating all the provinces.

A smattering of 2* and 3* loot that will never be used is not a reward for beating the game.