Wow! Look at this, has anyone ever seen this!

All red centers in war, with, like, 20 Gravemakers. This is a brand new concept and not at all getting ridiculously boring and monotonous to fight twice a week.

Having the same colour tank is a well established strategy and within the rules :slight_smile:


I don’t think he is referring it as not being legal. But rather extremely annoying and boring.

Kind of like raiding in diamond, I’d say 60% of the defenses are essentially the same…


Imagine being in top 1000, having to raid against Guin tank 6 times a day and more. Farming heroes to open raid chest. Fun Fun Fun

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Pvp is supposed to be competitive. Using best strategies or heros people can is part of the competition. Sure it gets a bit boring but makes sense why people do it.

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It has been this way for a long time. I have no idea who was the first to implement the “same color tank” strategy, but Alliances I have been in have been doing it for a while now. First it was Fire because Heroes like Ares were boss at the time. Then when Guin really made the scene, it was Holy tanks from then on. Every now and then we’d run Ice tanks just for a change, especially if we were up against a weaker opponent.

One of the opponents one of my Account’s Alliances are up against this week are running Ice tanks. It’s a nice change. It didn’t really change the outcome for them though.

I’ve seen some teams run the same Element pattern of heroes. (i.e. Nature, Fire, Holy, Dark, Ice) In the topmost alliances I’ve even seen where more than half of the teams were exactly the same with only minor differences in troops. Alasie, Zeline, Guinivere, Gravemaker, Sartana for over half of the Alliance.

That was a good one. It made it really difficult to differentiate which teams were weaker because those teams were essentially the same. It’s a strategy and it worked well, but it required members with a lot of resources to have all of the same heroes.


In my alliance, we always run same color tanks for war. We switch colors from war to war based on our opponent, but always the same color throughout the alliance.

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@Rigs I’m current in the lower diamond arena , and come across a lot of Guin tanks, now my alliance is around the 250 mark, we’re up against yellow tanks in this war.

There is also a lack of fast mana hitters in the dark element which makes yellow tanks a bit challenging as well. The only fast mana darks i know of 4 and 5* are obaken, sartana, victor, gafar, thoth. Even the hotms that come out in dark are average mana except for thoth. And victor was a yearly hero so that’s one you can count out for most having.

Other elements have at least 2 fast mana hotms:
Blue: alasie, perseus, athena
Green: zeline and soon evelyn
Yellow: drake and musashi
Red: gravemaker, natalya, zimkitha
Purple: Thoth-Amun

Then when you look at season 1 regular 4* tibs is the only one that does direct damage, least amount of direct damagers in all 5 elements.

Blue has grimm and sonya. Green has caed, skittle, lj. Red has gormek, kelile, scarlett, colen. Yellow has chao, li xiu, and hu tao. So to me that paints a pretty clear picture why red and yellow tanks have been pretty common for a long time regardless of which specific heros people use for tanks

It’s a balance that has been an issue since i’ve started playing and doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. There’s another dark fast mana coming out so we’ll see if it helps the balance but with it being limited to those that spend and not available in training camps then i doubt it changes anything at all.

Until new and better heros become more available to f2p and c2p players then the balance of the elements people use wont change anytime soon. If devs wanted to show they actually care about the good of the game and not just the money from the game then they would simply start making some heros more readily available to all instead of limiting them to paying players.

Majority of spenders have had their chances at hotms over a year old, why not put them in camps at the same drop rate and let everyone have a free chance at them? Money grab has came and gone multiple times for these heros, they’ve made the devs plenty of money, so should be introduced to the game as a whole with the good of the game in mind rather than just dollar signs.

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In AW . You don’t see many purple tank because of Guardian Jackal also do you want to max Boss Wolf ? . Green Tank, Guardian Falcon cause a lot of prob for greens. Blue tank, meh.
Victor is very fast mana, I still got to max 5* blue then red 5*, before I start leveling Victor.

You dont see many purple tanks because there aren’t any viable ones and the only one due for release that would be remotely useable as a dark tank has been changed to red so the problem will continue

The point is they need to shake up war defenses. Figure out a way to incorporate multiple defensive looks, I’m tired of fighting the same 3 or 4 heros over and over and over.

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And over, and over and over and over.

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Which would require an improvement upon releasing viable tanks in other colors

Clone of Guin in different colours.

The moon landing 20 th July, event special, Space. Purple hero clone of Guin. stat and skill. Buzz,
2nd 5* Female cosmonaut Venus, same skills as Merlin.

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