Wow, it got snowy quick 🏂

Came chat on the forum, popped back to craft a timestop and BAM all my pumpkins are under a blizzard.

Warm capes all round!


Over here it’s nothing but blue skies.


How strange… maybe I should check my data


Result of V25 perhaps?

Me too, since yesterday V25 update.


Probably, but I didn’t think I even closed the app :rofl:

Ugh… here we go again with that Buddy face… Took me a while to ignore it, was so glad to see Layla back during Spring time… Now this again…


No snowmen. :frowning:

Can’t wait to start popping those head off the snowmen and trying to knock Santa down from the sky. Hope they are as generous as last year or could I wish that they give even more???

It’s just like real life here :roll_eyes:

Sunday was kinda chilly for a fall day but bearable.
Monday was a blizzard.

Now my stronghold looks just like every building I drive by.

Surrounded by ineffectual scaffolding with one guy welding at the top :thinking:

If you expand the “santa” its actually a cow in a sleigh!

Yup, this feels just like walking into a mall. Straight from Halloween into Christmas decorations.

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The dev wouldn’t actually dare replace the Dragon with Santa and sleigh would they? And do you have the hearts to tap tap tap to shoot it down?

It’s been done before…


And here at my SH Margaret is still making pumpkin pie? I mean I like pumpkin pie but when you have several 100 stacked in the pantry it gets to be a bit much. I think she may need Prozac?

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No update for IOS yet…

I’m on iOS and we have snow.

Snow? There is none!

Update , I have not done :grimacing:

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No Pumpkins for Me !
It’s Snow I now see :eyes:

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