Wow how to get 5*

This game is a joke. Don’t waste your money. You either have to spend a lot of money or be extremely lucky to get anything in this game. I just spent on getting over 37 summons and didn’t get one 5*. I know no one told me to spend it but If you want to compete in this game you need those special hero’s like all the top trophy teams have but when u get over 15 3* heros in a row and sprinkle in there a couple 4 * here and there but not one 5* after a total of 37 summons that’s a freaking joke. Well I guess the jokes on me but I will never spend another penny on this game. So to answer the headline i wrote …wow how to get a 5* ? The answer spend a lot of money or be super lucky

Slight correction.

It all depends on your definition of compete in the game…

If you mean compete with the top 1% in alliance wars, titans and events, you’ll likely have to spend thousands to catch up…

However because the game is set up to have tiers in alliances and titans, you will typically compete with players of the same progress point as you are… Thus meaning you can compete in the game without spending anything even… It just takes more time…

To answer the question in the title, you can get 5* heroes from a number of places:

  1. From the regular epic summons portal (gem summons or Epic Hero Token summons)
  2. From the elemental summons portal (gem summons only)
  3. From the costume chamber (gem summons or costume key summons)
  4. Atlantis summons portal (gem summons or Atlantis coin summons)
  5. Challenge event summon portal (gem summons or event coin summons)
  6. Seasonal event summons portal (gem summons or Epic Hero Token summons)
  7. Training Camp level 20 (~5% chance).

Now back to your original complaint, this thread is your go to (and also likely where your complaint will get merged to)


Honestly, the answer is much easier:

Keep calm and let the game go it’s way.

There are enough 5* for everyone without spending a penny, you just need to lay back, enjoy the game and don’t take it too serious. The rest will come.

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Do people actually believe the crap they use to kick off these threads or is it pure reaction from frustration?

Always had me slightly curious. I mean i typically chuckle either way but still makes me wonder…

Didn’t spend a penny well Atlantis coins

Sure I got lucky! I spent more saved more for gaurdians n got really nothing! Swings and roundabouts :woman_shrugging:


I’m a c2p player and got 2 5* but that’s also after not pulling a single 5* hero since I got Grazul. Just takes time and patience or willingness to spend a lot of money

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That’s the odds. After 37 summons, odds are still really not in your favor. Not surprising that nothing dropped. It’s luck, gambling, chance, etc… I pulled about 25 and got 23 3s and 2 4s. Frustrating, but know what you’re getting into. Read the odds. Don’t be surprised and just roll with it. Luck will roll your way eventually.

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