Wow amazing graphic update

The heroes look freaking awesome. Very nice job SG :slight_smile:


Are these leaked graphics :wink:

They changed the art on your heroes guv go.look t them

Iij some. Plus with the new ones

you mean to have the swirly shiny thing thats directly behind them overlaying the background of their cards?

The actual cards. Way more detail not sure if you ha e the update but if you have a current picture of ha.swel gretel pr cyprian link it here me fill e large with the magnify glass and I will show you the nee ones

Here you go, @DoctorStrange.


Whats changed?

got the “old” image to compare it to? cause that looks the same as what I got on my screen lol


Can u full screen them. Here is grim now

You always could do that? nothing new in being able to see the full image by using the “magnify” glass in the upper left corner

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They changed the graphics o the heroes lol

As in like the detail/ resolution?

Yeah the details are way deeper now

Hmm ok :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll have to take your word for it;

Look the same to me but I don’t pay much attention to the cards or whatever


Okay, here we are.

Uploading: Screenshot_20200308-010544_Empires.jpg…

So mainly just cosmetic to make the colours more vibrant rather than adding any extra detail?

Images seem a little more ‘clear’ in Mothra’s post if that makes sense?

Does look better but in honesty I hadn’t noticed :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just noticed that Hansel is sleeping…

JK. Pretty cool how the characters come alive in the full image. Caught Hansel as he was blinking.

There’s literally no difference.


Wake me when they make actual noticeable changes, like animating them all, fixing Pixie’s and Neith’s proportions, etc :sleeping:

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