Would you watch an animated series based on these heroes and the world of E & P?

Something that I’ve thinking about, I would definitely watch an adventure based animated series on the world of Empires and Puzzles, maybe the main S1 heroes as the protagonists. You could do a lot of things with this, considering the vast amount of heroes and the maps.

I know a lot of mobile games get an anime in Japan to help advertise said game, would be pretty cool to see something like this happen. Doubtful, but one can hope…

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Sure… as long as the e&p creative team are not involved in the plot or script in any way shape or form


I’m thinking about collectible cards. Maybe even D&D type of tabletop game.

Like this? With the young @Dudeious.Maximus in a supporting role.

I’d watch it.

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LOL that was my first thought, as well

I would vastly prefer the forum poster-created plot and hero characterization from the When Suddenly thread

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I would… But it would definitely be a guilty pleasure. One question… Will the clips be available on YouTube or p@rn hub?

If zynga would be in charge it will release an anime for 30 seconds and put the rest of it for sales…and not all of it for one price…you should buy 30 seconds for the modest price of 9.99$
6min in stock
Every month 6 min
You will finish the series by the year 2050 and ofc you would have spent around 50 million $

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There is already an animated cartoon for the challenge gargoyle event,


As long as there are no stupid rabid hippos