Would you use any of the Magic heroes in war defense

Got lucky and got Motega and Milena from the last pull and had the feeders and mats to max out Motega with Milena getting close. Was wondering if anybody sees any use of these heroes in defense and where they would slot in. Was thinking flank makes most sense. How about pairing Motega with the other two fiend heroes?

It’s hard to say without knowing the alternatives. The threads for each hero includes a poll for where to place on defense. Looks like tank and left flank respectively is the popular vote.


Thanks very much for that.

I haven’t seen them on defenses yet. Pairing Motega with other fiend heroes doesn’t really work, because he won’t always give a fiend. And if so, he’ll have to gain a lot of mana.

A number of top 100 teams has used motega and Cristobal before. I think they all work well on defence anyways

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