Would you please have a look at my account

Ok, I would like it if you would take a look at my account please. I have been playing for close to two years now. Out of all the summons I have done, I have only been able to summons 2 of the 5* heroes. I have accepted the fact the the odds are low, but at some point I would have to have the same fortune as other people. I have done individual summons and also 10x summons as well. I have spent some money on the bonus gem packs and also the VIP.
Also, for some reason, I can not summons a 4* yellow troop. I am mostly happy with the game. I have been successful with my training camps and been able to train 5* heroes for a good team, but it seems a bit unfair when the newer heroes special the HOTM are much more powerful than the base heroes that were introduced to the game in the beginning. Please fix this. Thank you for your time.

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Support staff don’t address account issues through the forum, but you can #contact-support directly through the game to ask account related questions.

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RNG all the way. I have been playing for close to two years now, and I have never pulled a 5* hero. The four that I have, all come from TC20. I also have not managed so far to obtain a blue or yellow 4* troop. What can you do…

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