Would you pair Mitsuko with Guin on Defense?

Was just wondering everyone’s opinion on a Guin tank and Mitsuko flank? Threat or would Mitsuko be too similar to be affective?

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My “dream team” which I am currently still leveling (in order) - Mother North/Alberich, Mitsuko, Guin, GM, Alasie.

I am not certain that they would be good together but I want to try it.

Mitsuko and Guin would work great on defense. If you could add Hel, that’s an oppressive frontline

Mitsuko used to be purple, but they changed her to red at the last second because she was too strong with Guineverre.

Guin strikes again… SG needs to stop changing heroes based on the 1%.

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She was too strong against guin. That is why they changed the color. Ntm how savagely she would wreck the titan with panther, aeron, khiona etc…

But to stay on topic - Yes, mitsuko and guin would be amazing. Guin tanking. Gm and mitsuko flanking. Alby…you get it.

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